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Children require specialized treatment by doctors that are specially trained to diagnose and treat children’s injuries and illnesses.  When their negligence causes catastrophic injury or wrongful death, it is wise to consult with an experienced pediatric malpractice lawyer to help you understand your rights.


At Wittenstein & Wittenstein, we’ve been fighting for children’s rights for generations, including helping families that are victims of pediatric malpractice.  We recognize that children can be traumatized by the medical care required to treat their conditions, in addition to the physical suffering they must endure.  That’s why we go out of our to show compassion and empathy for the entire family’s ordeal and leave no stone unturned gathering the evidence necessary to prove your child’s case.  We are the pediatric malpractice lawyer that helps your entire family through this difficult process.




Did My Doctor Fail to Diagnose My Condition?

FAILURE TO DIAGNOSE If you are wondering, "Did my doctor fail to diagnose my condition," causing the condition to worsen, leaving me in a much worse position than if it had been diagnosed in a timely manner?  Sometimes failing to diagnose a condition can lead to serious medical problems and even death.  A doctor is responsible for identifying symptoms and conditions.  If a doctor sees symptoms, but cannot diagnose them, he should refer the patient to a specialist that can.  Doctors should take into account the medical history of the person, as increased risk for certain diseases is an important part of the diagnostic process. The diagnostic process should be in four steps: Gathering a list of symptoms and possible causes Prioritizing the list Ruling out or treating causes Begin with most urgent, and work down the list Failing to diagnose may not just be the fault of the doctor.  Laboratories and other medical professionals may not have been doing their job properly, causing or contributing to the problem.  the most common type of action for "failure to diagnose" is cancer, as not catching it in time can cause it to spread, going to from an easily treatable Type 1 cancer, to a difficult to treat, or untreatable Stage 4 cancer.  When [...]

Premises Liability – When Can You Sue?

If you’ve been seriously injured on somebody else’s property, you might be wondering if you should sue. You are considering making a premises liability claim, but you don’t want to be a greedy nasty person. On the other hand, you've lost time from work and can’t enjoy the same physical activities as before the accident, so it’s natural to consider whether you’re entitled to compensation. That’s why we’re going to outline how courts determine whether a property owner is legally liable when somebody gets hurt. It’s always a good idea to call us at 718-261-8114 if you’ve had any kind of accident for a specific answer regarding the facts of your particular situation. Premises liability claims can be complicated, so it's worth it to give us a call to find out if your case is viable. Is The Premises Reasonably Safe? A property owner has a responsibility to use reasonable care to keep their property safe. To avoid being sued for premises liability, a property should be inspected on a regular basis for hazards such as: Poor Lighting/Burned Out Bulbs Slippery Floors Torn Carpeting Loose Floorboards Missing or Damaged Handrails How Often Should The Property Be Inspected?  A heavily trafficked retail store should be inspected many times a day, whereas a [...]

How to Choose the Best Malpractice Attorney

Medical Malpractice cases can only be handled properly by attorneys with specific experience in this area of the law.   This is usually a personal injury attorney who has devoted a substantial portion of their practice to medical malpractice cases for many years.  Medical malpractice cases always require litigation, they can’t be settled quickly like many car accident and slip and fall cases are.   When a medical malpractice attorney accepts a case, they know that they are agreeing to a substantial amount of work over several years and also to a substantial investment in capital to prosecute the case.  A qualified Queens Medical Malpractice attorney is always happy to explain their ability and experience. Medical Malpractice cases are usually handled on a contingency fee.  This means that the client does not make a financial investment in the case, and the attorney is taking on the risk, only charging the client if they are successful.  This is also why clients get frustrated calling every attorney with a listing, hoping that they will take on their case.  This is a waste of time.  If the reputable Queens Medical Malpractice Attorneys are all turning down the case, it is probably because they have the experience to know that the cost of prosecuting the case is [...]

Children Bullied at School – There IS Something You Can Do About it!

CHILDREN BULLIED AT SCHOOL HAVE RIGHTS When I was a child, bullying at school was rampant, and there wasn't much that could be done about it.  When parents complained that their child was being bullied at school, there were told things like "boys will be boys," and that they should teach their child to be more assertive to deal with bullies.  We know now that bullying can lead to depression and even suicide, and there are now laws that protect children from this fate.  In other words, children bullied at school now have rights.  The U.S. Department of Health and human services defines bullying as "unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children," and it must involve "a real or perceived power imbalance."  It must be a recurring problem, not something that just happens once.  It can be physical, verbal or online (cyberbullying.) If your child has an unexplained change in behavior such as: Impaired or deteriorating relationships with peers Difficulty making or keeping friends Increased sense of loneliness Increased anxiety levels or panic attacks Eating disorders Low self-esteem A decline in academic achievement These may be signs that your child is being bullied, you should ask your child and assess whether they are being frank you with or covering something up [...]


DON'T HESITATE TO PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL When somebody dies or is in terrible shape after a medical procedure, the family wants to do something to help.  It is an excellent idea to call a medical malpractice lawyer whenever you suspect something might have been done wrong.  An experienced attorney will be able to ask the right questions and give you some idea about the viability of the case right away.  Unfortunately, some cases just can't be made, due to lack of evidence or lack of damages, but this doesn't mean there wasn't a mistake or harm done.  Medical malpractice cases are extremely expensive to bring due to the exorbitant amounts of money that doctors charge to be expert witnesses against other doctors.  You can sit and ponder this well into the night, or you can call an attorney and either gets things moving or, at very least, get some closure. THERE MUST BE ENOUGH DAMAGES FOR A MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ATTORNEY TO SUE FOR When I first started doing medical malpractice I got a call from a lady who told me her doctor operated on the wrong foot.  Wow, I thought, this is a great case, so I bumped her up to speak to my boss.  He spoke to [...]


Prison conditions in the United States have the lowest standards compared to other highly developed countries, and the neglect and abuse in the for-profit prisons is worst of all.  Most alarming is the situation at Juvenile Detention Centers, where children as young as twelve years old are held.  Thankfully, there are inmate abuse and neglect attorneys bringing cases for these children throughout the country. In 2013, The Huffington Post , in the article “Prisoners for Profit”:reported: In 2001, an 18-year-old committed to a Texas boot camp operated by one of Slattery’s previous companies, Correctional Services Corp., came down with pneumonia and pleaded to see a doctor as he struggled to breathe. Guards accused the teen of faking it and forced him to do pushups in his own vomit, according to Texas law enforcement reports. After nine days of medical neglect, he died. This story is not an anomaly, this is what’s happening to children every day in the American prison system.  Many of them are being held for low-level crimes and simply for “behaviors,” that are offensive, without any crime having been committed.   According to the Prison Policy Initiative, some youths are locked up for non-criminal offenses such as “truancy, running away, violating curfew or being otherwise being “ungovernable.”   They are [...]

Psychological Injuries Lawsuits

Some psychological injuries are so severe that they can be as disabling as serious physical injuries.  When a careless or reckless act caused intense trauma, special arrangements must be made when pursuing a lawsuit.  This concept originated with “collaborative divorce,” where a psychologist becomes part of the team so that settlement discussions can stay on track.  With lawsuits that involved extremely traumatic events, this formula can also be applied, and a lawsuit for psychological injuries can be brought. Of course, any accident is traumatic.  Fearing for your life when you are hit by a car or slipping on water and breaking your leg are “traumatic events,”, but these accidents do not shatter the core of your being and cause you to think less of yourself.  In the landmark case of “Brown vs. Board of Education,” school segregation was ended by the Supreme Court based on studies that showed that it was injurious to the self-esteem of African-American children, who believed that “white dolls” were prettier than “black dolls.”  The entire decision was based on the concept that a law could be struck down based on psychological injuries to self-esteem! The most traumatic lawsuits are for “Wrongful Birth.”  In these actions, parents are alleging that their child should never have been born, [...]

Looking To Hire A Queens Medical Malpractice Attorney? Important Things You Must Know!

Read This Before Hiring a Queens Medical Malpractice Lawyer Medical Malpractice cases are extremely complicated and require a large investment.  This is not the type of matter that can be handled by a General Practice Law Firm, it requires the skills and resources of a specialist.  There’s no such things as small malpractice claim, there must be a clear breach of standard medical practice AND substantial damages.  You need the services of a well-established firm with the resources to invest in your case.  Sadly, some firms will sign up a Medical Malpractice case and then drop it because they realize later that they do not have the resources to invest. Now you must be wondering how to find a great Queens Medical Malpractice Attorney? You can ask your friends for referrals, consult sites like Avvo to see which attorneys have the experience and personality that you would feel comfortable working with.  Remember that not every NYC Personal Injury Lawyer or Queens Negligence Lawyer is a Medical Malpractice specialist.  At your consultation, you should ask the following questions: How many medical malpractice cases have you handled? You can ask to speak to former clients that have been satisfied with the attorney’s work You should request information about fee arrangements If you [...]

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