What Types of Attorneys Work on Contingency Fees?

Civil litigation is very expensive, making it out of the price range for most people that are injured by negligent, reckless and intentional acts. That’s why the legal system allows some types of attorneys to retain clients on contingency fees where clients don’t have to pay any fee unless and until the lawyer collects money for them. Most Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn car accident attorneys will also front the expenses for the case and collect reimbursement from the settlement or verdict. For more complicated types of litigation, NYC construction accident lawyers and medical malpractice attorneys may expect clients to contribute to some expenses of the case.

Most Brooklyn Car Accident Attorneys Offer Contingency Fees

The riskier the case, the less likely it is that an attorney will offer a contingency fee. One of the risks of any type of civil litigation is that it won’t be possible to collect the money that’s awarded. Insurance is mandatory in New York to register a vehicle, so the lion’s share of cars on the road are insured, providing a source of payment that is reliable and an insurance adjuster that’s experienced with settling cases. Slip and fall cases are usually covered by homeowner, renter or business liability insurance, making them the second most common type of case that Brooklyn car accident attorneys will accept in addition to car accident cases.

Do NYC Construction Accident Attorneys Offer Contingency Fees?

Construction accident cases can be complicated due to complex ownership structures and contractor relationships, but there is usually ample insurance coverage for injured bystanders and other non-employees. Collecting compensation for injured construction workers is often limited to workers compensation insurance, but there are exceptions to workers compensation law, labors law and third party claims that are sometimes applicable. If you have a strong case, it’s usually possible to find an attorney that will handle your construction accident case on a contingency retainer.

What Types of Cases Usually Can’t Be Handled With A Contingency Retainer

Brooklyn car accident attorneys and other types of lawyers that handle cases on contingency fees often find their phone ringing off the hook with people seeking free legal representation for cases where a contingency fee is impossible. For example, if you’re being sued or charged with a crime, you’re unlikely to collect money that could be used to pay your attorney. Immigration, estate law and many other types of law simply don’t lend themselves well to this type of arrangement. There are some exceptions, such as an estate attorney representing you if you stand to inherit a large sum of money if he wins your case.




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