Why You Need A Creative Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents cause more fatalities and catastrophic injuries than any other type of motor vehicle accident. That’s why you need a lawyer that knows how to think outside the box to get you the tremendous amount of compensation you’re entitled to for your medical costs, loss of earnings, diminution of future earnings, pain, suffering and emotional distress. You need a lawyer that knows how to find all the deep pockets and that can paint a picture that convinces an insurance company or a jury how terribly you’ve suffered and how that should translate into a large monetary award. Alyce Wittenstein has been helping people injured in truck accidents for more than twenty years, finding creative ways to help her clients regain their dignity and move forward with their lives. She’s proud of her reputation as the top truck accident lawyer in Queens.

The Art Of Finding Deep Pockets

Federal and state law regulates the amount of insurance that different types of trucks must carry in order to legally operate them. This coverage is sufficient for accident victims with minor injuries, but not nearly enough to compensate victims that have sustained Traumatic Brain Injuries, Spinal Cord Injuries, Third Degrees Burns, Amputations and other catastrophic injuries. Medical technology and services are available that can have a profound impact on the ability of people to become pain free and independent, but these services are not usually obtainable through health insurance with its co-pays, deductibles and maximum yearly payouts. That’s why a truck accident lawyer in NYC needs to become a sleuth and uncover every possible defendant. Did an overgrown tree obscure a speed limit or yield sign? Was there construction with poorly marked lanes? Was the truck driver poorly trained or poorly supervised? Did those skid marks show that more than one vehicle was responsible? Did the truck’s brakes fail due to a defect in their design? There are many ways to prove these theories with the use of accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, rehabilitation experts and actuaries, but it’s up to a creative New York City truck accident attorney to produce and direct your case properly so that you get the state of the art care that can help you enjoy your life. The top truck accident lawyer in Queens knows how get you the money you need to restart yourself after a truck accident.

The Importance of State of The Art Treatment

Would you rather eat at McDonald’s or Peter Luger’s? Canned peaches or a box of fresh ones shipped minutes after they’re picked in Georgia? Nike sneakers or no name sneakers from Five Below? There’s a difference between getting the best that World has to offer and the cheapest thing available. Sadly, our country’s health care system prioritizes profits over helping people get better, so the disparity in health care between people that can afford great insurance or can pay out of pocket and most people who are forced to pay high premiums to a small network of doctors, and are burdened with huge co-pays and deductibles. The french fries at McDonalds are pretty crispy, but getting less than the highest quality healthcare after suffering a catastrophic injury can mean the difference between a life of misery and regaining independence. For example, if you lost your teeth in an accident, having enough money means you get implants that are barely distinguishable from regular teeth vs. removable dentures that fall out while you’re eating and reside overnight in a cup. State of the art prosthetics can enable amputees to run in marathons and the best therapists can restore lost function much more quickly and fully than people with less training. Accommodations to your home and home health aids can keep you out of institutional care and modifications to your vehicle can enable you to drive. That’s why it’s important that you hire an Truck Accident Lawyer in NYC that knows how to collect enough money for you. Many car accidents lawyers in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island will claim to know how to handle your truck accident case, but Wittenstein & Wittenstein has been handling truck accident cases for over sixty years, and we know how to do it right. That’s why we’re the top truck accident lawyer in Queens.

Top Truck Accident Lawyer In Queens

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