What Compensation Can a Traffic Accident Attorney Help You Recover?

If you’ve been seriously injured in any kind of traffic accident, you could be facing tremendous financial challenges. New York State’s first-party benefits cover the first $50,000 of combined medical expenses, lost earnings, home health care, transportation, and other associated costs. If this runs out while you still need medical care and you haven’t returned to work, your family’s lifestyle is in serious jeopardy. That’s why it’s important to investigate the types of compensation an experienced Queens and Brooklyn car accident attorney can help you collect. These are some of the types of compensation available to people injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Medical Expenses

New York’s personal injury protection coverage (commonly referred to as no-fault insurance) has no copayments or deductibles, but it only covers doctors who accept its low rates. Once it’s used up, out-of-pocket expenses will begin to accrue, even if you have health insurance. The best Queens, Brooklyn, and Bronx car accident attorneys can help you collect these costs from the responsible parties, so you can focus on healing, without fear of accumulating massive amounts of debt.

Lost Income

Serious or catastrophic injuries can cause long-term disability or permanent disability. In such cases, the best Queens and Brooklyn car accident attorney can force the responsible parties to pay for your lost income and your projected lost income for your entire lifetime. It’s also possible to collect compensation to cover retraining for a different career if your injuries prevent you from doing the work that you did before your accident. Top truck accident lawyers in NYC often collect millions of dollars in projected lost earnings for their clients, enabling them to retain their family’s pre-accident lifestyle.

Pain, Suffering, and Mental Anguish

In addition to recouping your actual losses for medical costs, lost income, and other related expenses, a Queens and Brooklyn car accident can help you collect compensation for the pain, suffering, and mental anguish you’ve experienced due to your accident injuries. The amount you collect will depend on how greatly the accident impacted your life. For example, if you enjoyed going dancing or playing basketball, but are no longer able to enjoy these activities, you can large amounts of compensation for this loss. Money is never an adequate substitute, but it can help you afford to do some things with your life that make it a little bit sweeter.

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