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New York City Traffic Accident Attorneys Get Compensation for Clients When Seatbelts Fail

New York City Traffic Accident Attorneys know that seatbelts will keep people safer in cars when accidents happen.  They also know that when seatbelts fail, causing injuries that are much more severe than if a seatbelt has functioned, a claim can be brought against the manufacturer of the car, the repair company and/or other entities that were responsible for the defective seatbelts in the car.

Seatbelts, when not functioning properly can actually cause their own injuries and make other injuries worse.  Some examples of defective seatbelt claims:

  • The seatbelt’s design was defective.
  • The manufacturing of the seatbelt was defective
  • The seatbelts were defectively installed
  • The seatbelts were defectively maintained
  • Proper instructions for the use of the seatbelt were not provided.

Seatbelts are intended to prevent head injuries from windshields and to keep people from being ejected from their vehicles, among other safety benefits.  When a seatbelt fails the injuries can be catastrophic compared to the same impact with a properly functioning seatbelt.

New York City Traffic Accidents Attorneys, Wittenstein & Wittenstein, will brings claims against the negligent driver and for parties responsible for the defective seatbelt, leaving no stone unturned to get to the highest possible compensation.