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We love the Yankees, but we don’t love the traffic in the Bronx! When an accident strikes, you need an experienced Bronx Personal Injury Attorney to help you get your life back on the road as soon as possible.



When property owners are careless or reckless, and people get hurt, they are liable for damages.  Falls, dog bites, elevators, construction sites and more. We can help you collect the compensation you deserve.


bronx personal injury lawyerMEDICAL MALPRACTICE

When doctors, nurses, and hospitals make careless or reckless mistakes, justice can be found for their victims.  Failure to Diagnose, Surgical Mistakes, Birth Injuries, and other claims can be brought on your behalf.




We are up on all the special laws and regulations that impact child injury cases, and take special care to make your injured child comfortable.  School Accidents, bullying, daycare neglect and more.


bronx civil rightsCIVIL RIGHTS

Let’s give the Bronx cheer to racism, sexism and other types of discrimination, with legal action that holds people responsible for their misconduct.


bronx defective product attorney


we hold the makers and sellers of dangerous products accountable for their carelessness and recklessness.  If you’ve been injured by a product, big or small, please call us to discuss what we can do to help you.


Bronx Still Plagued by Lead Paint Poisoning

Lead paint was banned in New York City in 1960, but has no been removed from many homes, especially in the Bronx.  The New York Times reported that Mayor Deblasio is planning to "eradicate" lead paint from public housing, but it seems like it's too little, too late.  When walls are painted over without stripping the lead paint underneath, small children can still peel off the paint and ingest it, causing the high lead levels known as "lead poisoning."  Lead poisoning can cause severe neurological problems for children that ingest it, including intellectual disabilities.  If your child shows these symptoms and you may have lead in your home, you should have the child tested and speak to a Bronx Lead Poisoning Attorney. The Times also reports that at least 50,000 apartment still have lead paint, and many of the residents are not even aware that this toxic poison is in their homes.  Reuters reports that,  "In 2015, 5,400 city children tested [...]

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Why Do Lawyers Always Want to Bring Lawsuits in the Bronx?

According to the New York Post, The Bronx is the "lawsuit capital of NYC."  The Bronx is the second smallest borough, yet more lawsuits are filed there due to the belief that Bronx juries are more generous to plaintiffs than any other borough.  The statistics are clear that the highest verdicts in the State are brought in by Bronx juries.  That's why Personal Injury Attorneys always want to bring a lawsuit in the Bronx, whenever possible.  Councilman Andrew Cohen (D Bronx) says, “Any way they can figure out to find a nexus to bring a case in The Bronx, they’re going to do that,” he said. “Bronx people are generally poorer than in other parts of the city, so they might be more sympathetic to poor ­plaintiffs.” Personal Injury Attorneys can file lawsuits in any borough where there is a connection to either the Plaintiff or Defendant, so they can often choose to bring lawsuits in The Bronx.  So, for example, if the Plaintiff [...]

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It’s hard to believe that The Bronx was once a sprawling suburb of New York City.  The northernmost borough of New York City was once thought of as we now think of Westchester.  Now it’s the third densely populated country in the entire United States. It’s the only borough that is mostly on the mainland.  It’s divided by the Bronx River, and it’s Jerome Avenue is the continuation of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

Despite its dense population, an entire 25% of it is open space, due to The New York Botanical Garden, The Bronx Zoo, Pelham Bay Park, Van Cortland Park, and the Woodlawn Cemetery.  It was named for Jonas Bronck, who established a settlement as part of New Netherland in 1639. Despite the fact that it contains the country’s poorest Congressional District, it also has stylish neighborhoods such as Riverdale.  It’s on the map now for being represented by the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress, 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The “the” in the Bronx is used by both legally and informally.  Legend says that this is because it was named after The Bronx River, and took the lingo from the way rivers are named.  Another story says that it’s came from its namesake family and the habit of saying “We’re going up to visit the Broncks.”  

Despite the beautiful garden and zoo, the reputation of the Bronx evokes an image of burned out buildings and gangs.  Thankfully, there is less of this throughout the City now, including the Bronx, but there is a history to that image. Back in the days of Prohibition, bootleggers, and gangs were active in the Bronx, smuggling most of the illegal whiskey into New York City.  This legacy worsened in the 1960s when high rise housing projects and highways destroyed many neighborhoods, and the real estate value of housing in The Bronx plummeted. This led to a rash of arson in the 1970s as property owners did better collecting insurance than selling their property!  Those lucky enough to pick up some property at that time doing very well today as The Bronx has become revitalized!

In the legal World, the Bronx also has a reputation for juries that are skeptical of the testimony of police officers, and less likely to convict on criminal charges, especially minor drug-related charges that could ruin a young person’s life.  There are many reasons for this, economic and social, as somebody accused of a crime in the Bronx is more likely to get a real “jury of their peers,” if they are poor and a racial minority, than they are in other boroughs.  This is changing, as other boroughs, especially Queens, become more diverse.

Plaintiffs suing for injuries for car accidents and other types of negligence always want to place their cases in the Bronx, as Bronx juries are also known for having a soft spot for Plaintiffs and awarding large verdicts.  This can even help with the settlement of these cases prior to trial as the insurance companies know that a Bronx Accident Lawyer is likely to get such a great verdict that they offer a large settlement.  Whether or not this is actually still true, a Bronx Accident Lawyer is always happiest with cases on their home turf.