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Things To Do If You Have a Car Accident

Some people are lucky enough to have never had a car accident.  Car accidents are so common that it’s a good idea to know what to do should an accident occur.  It’s better to be prepared beforehand, so that you can protect both your health and your legal rights properly.  A Bronx Car Accident Attorney, Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney or a large firm handling cases throughout New York City can help you best if you follow the best immediate procedures after an accident. Call the Police It is important to always call the police after a traffic accident.  The person causing the accident may try to talk you into “not going through the insurance,” but it’s very dangerous to agree to this.  You have an obligation to report accidents to your insurance company, and failure to do so may void your policy.  This guy can turn around and sue you - and your insurance company can disclaim coverage if you fail to report an accident. Get Medical Attention Immediately The police will always offer you an ambulance if you tell them you are injured.  If you refuse the ambulance they will list you as “not injured” on the police report.  There are also internal injuries that might be present, and immediate treatment might be necessary.  The [...]

When Should I Call an Accident Lawyer?

So, you'd had some kind of an accident, and you're wondering, "Should I call an accident lawyer?"  Was I badly hurt enough to make a case worthwhile?  Was this somebody else's fault, or was it really mostly my own fault.  This article will guide you through when it might be a good idea to have a consultation with an accident attorney.  If you're still not sure, why not just call - if you don't have a solid case the lawyer will tell you. Let's start with traffic accidents, which are the most common.   Obviously, the accident must be somebody else's fault.  If you were driving, this would usually mean that you were "hit in the rear," somebody went through a stop sign, made a left turn in front of you or went through a light.  There are other types of accidents traffic accidents where it's not as clear who caused the accident.  If you are not sure whose fault the accident was, it's a good idea to call an accident lawyer who can help you with this analysis.  If you were a passenger or a pedestrian, the accident was probably not your fault, but if you're not sure, you can ask an accident lawyer.  Accident attorneys take these cases on a contingency fee, which means [...]

New York City’s Top Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys

Wittenstein & Wittenstein has established itself as a Top New York City (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, The Staten Island, and Long Island) Personal Injury Law Firm by offering great results to clients for over 60 years. Our legal team have successfully collected millions of dollars for thousands of clients, who have enthusiastically referred their family and friends for generations. If you cannot make it into their office due to your injuries, they will come directly to your home or hospital for an initial consultation. They promptly return calls and answer all your questions fully. This firm understands the trauma that accidents cause their victims and their families.  That’s why they “hold their clients’ hands” throughout the entire process, supporting all their needs.  They offer a wide range of services for virtually every type of accident or injury, including: traffic accidents, premises liability, product liability, civil rights, medical malpractice, construction accidents, nursing home neglect, child injury and workers compensation. Are you looking for a Bronx Car Accident Attorney that truly understands The Bronx and it’sresidents needs?  An accident attorney is a type of personal injury lawyer, representing people that have been injured, physically or psychologically, from the negligence or fault of a person, a company, a government agency. At the Forest Hills Queens office of Wittenstein & [...]

Dangers of the State Island Ferry

Ferry travel feels so safe, none of the lane changing and stress of driving, but The New York Post has reported that ferry captains warn that The Staten Island Ferries are “ticking time bombs.”  After a major accident in 2003, there has been some scrutiny of the safety of these aging ferries, and what’s been revealed shows that most of the ships suffer from serious safety problems.  The ferry captain, who wanted to remain anonymous said of the ship’s propellers, “They often fail, resulting in the shutdown of one or more of the four “drives” that are linked to propellers, making it at times impossible to slow, or even stop, the boat.”  Hard stops and other malfunctions are common, as are the injuries, sometimes serious, that result.  If you’ve been injured on the ferry, you should call Staten Island Accident Lawyers with experience with boating accidents and maritime laws. There was a serious crash was in 2017, and NBC reported that forty people were injured, and on in August, 2018 10 people were killed in yet another crash.  If this were a private company, the Coast Guard would likely shut them down, but since this is a government-owned transportation entity, safety enforcement is internal, and the hazards are apparently being overlooked.   Holding responsible parties [...]

10 Defensive Driving Tips

These 10 defensive driving tips will help you avoid accidents.  We are all taught these 10 defensive driving tips when we take driver's education classes, but as the years go by, it's easy to forget! 1. DON'T EXPECT OTHER DRIVERS TO FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD Just because you stop at stop signs and don't go through red lights, other drivers may not be so careful.  They might even be drunk, texting, sleepy or distracted.  When you are at an intersection, even if you have the right of way, check carefully to see if any cars are coming.  Make sure to look carefully for pedestrians that might be jaywalking, especially children.  Do not expect drivers to always "yield" when they are supposed to. 2. DRIVE AT THE CORRECT SPEED FOR THE CONDITIONS The speed limit is the maximum speed allowable on a roadway, but if it is dark, raining or snowing, drivers should go more slowly.  Speed should also be reduced when traffic is heavy or in an area where there are many pedestrians. 3. ALWAYS USE SAFETY RESTRAINTS PROPERLY Adults and older children should always wear seatbelts.  Younger children and babies should be properly secured in appropriate child safety seats. 4. USE SIGNALS WHEN TURNING OR CHANGING LANES Always use your signals when [...]


Summer is at full steam with everybody putting on their swimsuits and looking to cool off.    Of course, this is also the time when pool, beach and lake accidents are at their peak.  Whether you’re headed to Coney Island, Brooklyn or The Hamptons on Long Island, it’s worth it to consider how these accidents tend to happen, so you and your family can relax and enjoy your swim. BROOKLYN PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY - SWIMMING ACCIDENTS CAN BE DEADLY There are several types of swimming pool accidents that are quite common and one needs to be cautious about: Broken Pool Equipment - When a pool is not properly maintained, pool equipment can become a hazard.  Improperly maintained pools are one of the leading causes of drowning accidents.  Ask to see maintenance records. Negligent Supervision of Children - Poor training of lifeguards and camp counselors who do not know how to properly handle an emergency is glaring hazard.  Before you entrust your children to the supervision of others, ask about training and qualifications. Overcrowding - Every pool must have posted the maximum amount of people that may use it at one time.  If there are more people than there should be, that’s a red flag. Inclement Weather - All swimming areas are required to clear swimmers from the [...]

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About No-Fault

QUEENS NO-FAULT ATTORNEY CAN HELP YOU GET YOUR MEDICAL BILLS PAID Queens no-fault attorney Wittenstein & Wittenstein is expert at interpreting the “New York Comprehensive Automobile Insurance Act.”  Most people call it the “no-fault statute,” and it was enacted in 1973 and went into effect the following year.  The purpose of the law was to limit the amount of personal injuries claims for car accidents, as many politicians had this agenda on their platforms. The no-fault statute was groundbreaking in that it provided for immediate payment for medical care, lost earnings and other reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of injuries from a motor vehicle accident.  The law provides that these expenses must be paid up to $50,000 per person. These payments are what’s known as “first party benefits” or “basic economic loss.” The reason it’s called no-fault, is that these payments are made regardless of fault.  If you lose control of your car and drive into a tree, you still get these payments. If your medical bills, lost earnings and/or out-of-pocket expenses total more than $50,000, you can still sue the party that caused your injuries for these additional amounts (as well as for pain and suffering.)  If your injuries are “serious” and caused by the negligence of another, you can [...]