There are two main types of injuries that a person can sustain in an accident: Physical and Psychological.  Physical injuries are the most common and can be minor, severe or catastrophic.  Psychological injuries can sometimes coincide with physical injuries, and in some cases be the only injuries sustained.  If you believe you have been injured physically and/or psychologically by the carelessness or recklessness or another person, it’s a good idea to have a consultation with a personal injury attorney to find out if you can make a claim.









How Can I Make the Most Money as a Ride-Hailing Driver?2019-01-22T17:18:19+00:00

Yellow taxi drivers are suffering from competition from ride-hailing apps, and joining their ranks in droves.  Drivers for ride-hailing services don’t have to pay a fleet on a weekly or daily basis to rent a cab, but they do have to lay out substantial amounts of money to lease, clean and insure late model vehicles.  So, drivers are asking, “How can I make the most money as a ride-hailing driver?  CNBC’S Jaden Urbi suggests, “The more apps they’re on, the more money on the table.”  Ride-hailing driver/blogger Harry Campbell recommends that drivers “sign up for at least two different apps.” (Check out “The Rideshare Guy” Blog.)

Since ride-share drivers are independent contractors, they can sign up for as many apps as they want,  but fumbling between apps while driving is dangerous and can cause accidents.  But since we live in a world where there’s an “app for everything,” there’s now an app called Mystro  that is marketed as a “personal assistant for ride-share drivers and automates the process of comparing rides from different companies, turning off all the apps while a ride is in progress.  Seems like a must have for ride-share drivers!

Drivers that remain with yellow taxis are still moving into the 21st Century, accepting credit cards and using an app called Curb which hails taxis in much the same way as Uber and Lyft.   Great news for current ride-share drivers in New York City is the City’s plan to cap the amount of ride-share cars on the road, and this will also help yellow taxis from further erosion of their business.  There are long lines to sign up for new livery licenses before the cap goes into effect.  When ride-share drivers have accidents, the insurance scheme can be complicated, so they should always go to a lawyer that specializes in handling cases for taxi and rideshare drivers to make sure everything is done properly.  An experienced taxi driver attorney will keep up on all the laws and regulations that apply.


5 Ways to Make More Money Driving for Uber

UBER DRIVER LAWYER 1. LOG IN TO THE PASSENGER APP The passenger app will show you where all the Ubers are - if there is too much competition where you are, you can drive to another location. 2. LOG OUT AND BACK IN FOR INCREASE SURGE FARE Surge fares are calculated based on driver availability.  At a likely time for a surge (such as closing time for bars in your area) first log out (to reduce availability) and then back in to catch a large surge. 3. PROVIDE WATER AND SNACKS FOR PASSENGERS Now that the Uber app allows passengers to tip, it's even more worthwhile to make them comfortable.  The passengers will appreciate the effort, even if they decline [...]

Oh No! – I Had an Accident While Driving a Taxi (Uber, Lyft, Livery)

TAXI ACCIDENT NYC - WE CAN HELP When you have an accident while you are working, your case has two parts.  The first part is to establish how your first party benefits (medical care, lost earnings, out-of-pockets expenses, etc.) will be paid.  In most cases those benefits will be paid by Worker's Compensation, but in some circumstances they are paid by "no-fault" under the car insurance policy of the car you are driving.  Since this is not always crystal clear at first, we always file for no-fault benefits as well as referring our clients to a Worker's Compensation attorney to file a claim there.  There are also situations where it is not clear that you were working, such as if you are driving a taxi [...]

How Can I Make the Most Money as a Ride-Hailing Driver?

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What Do I Do If They Tow My Car To a Shop After an Accident?2019-01-22T17:24:15+00:00

Queens Property Damage Attorneys

We know that you need to get your car out of storage as soon as possible.  The shop doesn’t care why your car is there, they will charge you storage for every day it stays there.  If you have full coverage on your vehicle, you might be able to get it inspected and repaired at the shop quickly.  If you don’t have full coverage, you still might be able to get it inspected and repaired quickly, if the police report clearly gives all the fault to the other vehicle.  If you have a car accident, never leave your car in storage, you will be responsible for the storage charges and will not be reimbursed.

If you don’t have full coverage and/or the police report does not attribute 100% liability to the other vehicle, you need to get your car out of storage.  If it’s drivable, get it right out.  If it’s not drivable and probably totaled, you should get an estimate, take pictures and junk it.

Queens Property Damage Attorneys will help you get money to get your car fixed.   For more information about property damage and car accidents, call Wittenstein & Wittenstein for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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Do I Need to Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?2019-01-22T17:25:47+00:00



Queens Woman Personal Injury Attorney

Knowing that most cases are settled with insurance companies without litigation, people wonder whether they really need to hire a personal injury lawyer.  In some cases, it might not be necessary.  For example, if you are hit in the rear by another vehicle, and have a police report that indicates that the accident was completely the other driver’s fault, you could probably settle the claim for your property damage on your own.  All you would need to do is send an estimate for the damages to the driver’s insurance company and they will likely pay your claim without much hassle.  They might want to inspect your car, but that’s no big deal either.  The advantage of doing this yourself is that you get to keep all the money and don’t have to share it with a lawyer.

Sometimes it’s trickier, even with a simple car accident.    You saw the other driver blazing through a solid red light while texting, but when the police arrive, he tells them that YOU went through the light.  There are no witnesses and the police did not observe the accident, so they have no choice but to say that both drivers accuse the other of going through the light.  Now, if you send the estimate for your car to the insurance company with the police report, they will tell you that they will only pay you for 50% of the damage, or, even worse, that they are sticking by “their insured’s” version and will not offer to pay you anything.  Hopefully, you have full-coverage on your car in case this happens!

In the scenarios above there are “no injuries,” but already it’s complicated.  If you are injured, not only will the insurance company not be willing to pay the full value based on the conflicting stories, but they will also discount the value of your injuries.   You need an attorney to prove that the accident was the other driver’s fault. If there is a dispute over liability, this is when you should hire a personal injury attorney.  It might be necessary to bring in accident reconstruction experts as well as other methods of proving fault – not something easily done on your own.

Let’s say now that the police report gives all the fault to the other driver, and the insurance company pays you in full for the damage to your car, but you are injured.   When you finish with your treatment, you send your medical reports to the insurance company and they assign a claims representative to your case.  You send the medical reports to the claims representative, who reviews them and tells you that they are not paying you anything because you don’t have a “serious injury.”  You need an attorney.

What may seem simple in theory is much more complicated in practice.  They are filing deadlines, and statutory limitations, as well as a host of regulations that personal injury lawyers know how to handle, so the value added by a good attorney is well worth the fee,  especially if you have severe injuries or have lost time from work.


If your injuries are severe and you have lost time from work, this is something to take very seriously.  It might not be possible at the onset to know how long it will take to heal or when you will be able to return to work.  In such cases, it is important to ensure that your claim is being handled properly from the very beginning.   An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to negotiate with the insurance companies to get you the services you need for a complete recovery and to make sure that you get the maximum compensation down the line.


This is the kind of case that it is virtually impossible for an indiviaul to handle on their own.  The cost of prosecuting a malpractice case is enormous as doctors must be hired to testify, and spending that kind of money without knowing what you are doing (and risking the case getting dismissed,) makes no sense at all.  Malpractice insurance carriers never settle cases in the early stages, so it’s not like you can just pick up a phone.  Litigation will be necessary.


Some insurance companies are easier to settle with than others.  There are insurance companies that will not settle claims at all unless there is some litigation done.  Personal injury attorneys know the insurance companies and what has to be done with each one to maximize a claim.  A good lawyer will make a jury case to a jury if necessary.


It is difficult to make a decision to settle your case if you don’t understand it’s value.  Personal injury attorneys have seen similar sets of facts before and have a good sense of what a case is worth.  You may think you case is worth $100,000, but it’s really only worth $50,000.  You may have a $200,000 and settle for only $10,000.  You need a legal expert to guide you in these decisions.

If you have any questions please feel free to request a FREE CONSULTATION with WITTENSTEIN & WITTENSTEIN.  Call 718-261-8114 to make an appointment.

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Why is my Personal Injury Case Taking SO LONG?2019-01-22T17:23:35+00:00


Your personal injury attorney should fully explain why your case is taking so long.  There are many legitimate reasons why a personal injury case takes the time it takes, but if your attorney cannot explain why your case is still pending, you might want to consider changing lawyers.  Some law firms sign up more cases than they can handle, and it is possible that your case is sitting in a file cabinet overlooked, don’t be shy about requesting an update.

These are the factors that will impact the length of a personal injury case:

  1. Insurance Coverage
  2. Length of Treatment
  3. Policies of the Insurance Company
  4. Liability
  5. Quality of Medical Reports
  6. Seriousness of Injuries
  7. Type of Case
  8. Intangibles


The minimum policy limits for automobile liability insurance coverage in New York are 25/50.  This means that the most that can be paid out is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per incident. So if you were seriously injured, the only person injured in the accident and it was clearly the fault of the other car, your case can be settled very quickly. The insurance company will likely “tender” their policy to you, which means that they will pay out their entire policy.  Under the circumstances, it would be “bad faith” if they did not. Unfortunately, although your case is settled quickly, you will not be able to get very much money.

Let’s say you had the same serious injuries and good liability, but the other vehicle was a truck with $1,000,000 in coverage.  Here’s where you don’t want to rush. Sure, you COULD settle this case quickly, but that wouldn’t be the best way to handle it. With only $25,000 to collect, the case can be settled before you are even finished with treatment, but with more money to collect, it wouldn’t make sense to even try to settle the case before treatment is complete, as medical treatment is “damages” that increase the value of your case.  Here’s where we want to hold out for a good settlement and litigate if one is not offered. This is going to make the case take much longer, but it’s well worth it.


More serious injuries usually mean lengthier treatment.  Client’s sometimes ask why their case is not settled when they are actively getting medical treatment or they are still unable to work.  It’s not possible to know the value of the case until treatment is complete, and trying to settle a case at that point would be selling it short.  For example, if injuries cause you to be out of work for a year and half, your case can’t be settled for at least a year and a half (assuming there is ample insurance coverage.)  On the other hand, a case with minor injuries that requires little treatment can be settled sooner, but will not yield as high a settlement. The important thing to ask an attorney is the reason why the case is taking whatever time it’s taking – you should be sure it’s not just sitting in the file cabinet because they are too busy with other cases.


Some insurance companies have a policy of wanting to make fair settlements quickly.  They have a team of claims representatives that follow up on their caseloads and answer calls from attorneys.  You can send them a medical package which they will review in a timely manner and then they will make an offer in a reasonable amount of time.  If the offer is not acceptable, a lawsuit can be commenced. There actually are companies this good – one of the best has some funny animal commercials.

Other insurance companies don’t want to settle cases.  They have few claims reps and they don’t bother to return calls.  They ask for 60 days to review medical records. They make lousy offers to settle cases.  Attorneys know which companies these are and know that lengthy litigation is going to be necessary.  Some attorneys won’t even accept cases if they know they are with certain insurance companies! If you case takes a long time because it’s with against an insurance company that doesn’t actively settle cases, it’s not your attorney’s fault.  It doesn’t matter is your Aunt Jean got a lot of money really quickly with a case against a “good” insurance company.


If you have a police report that shows says you were hit in the rear by a drunk driver that was texting, there will likely be no dispute about liability.  This speeds up the case as the only discussion is damages. On the other hand, if the other guy went through a light, but is claiming that you went through the light, it might be necessary to litigate the case through depositions before being able to settle it.  This is frustrating when you saw the other guy go through the light, but that’s what courts and judges are for. Depositions cannot be held until both sides have exchanged documents and after several conferences in court. This case is not going to be quick to get full value.


If you treat with high quality medical providers that are knowledgeable about how to produce reports for accident cases this is helpful for a faster settlement.  Medical reports that are scribbled and not comprehensive give claims adjusters little to “hang their hats” on when asking for “authority” to put money on your claim.  That’s when an insurance company may want extensive litigation if you are looking for a large settlement. They will want to hear your testify in a deposition and send you to their doctors for an examination.  Good quality medical reports will speed up a settlement.


Assuming there is coverage, it will take time to build up to an excellent settlement amount on a serious case.  This is the type of case where lengthy litigation can improve the final settlement. You want the insurance company to know that you are willing to go to trial if they don’t come up with enough money.  Even though most cases are eventually settled, with very serious injuries you want to prepare the case for trial, even settle on the eve of trial. This can take years, but it’s worth it.


Auto accident cases have a “serious injury threshold” that must be met.  With smaller cases, it’s important that there is at least enough treatment to meet this threshold, which often means treatment for a minimum of three months.  Other types of cases do not have this threshold. For example, if you fall in a supermarket and go to the doctor and have a sprained ankle that heals quickly, your case might be settled very quickly.  A food poisoning case could be quick because there is little treatment once the problem subsides. Product liability and malpractice cases will always take a long time as experts must be hired and complicated investigations must be carried out.


The insurance company denies payment for your surgery as not “medically necessary,” and the doctor arbitrates this denial.  It can take over a year to get a decision. It is prudent to wait for the decision as the surgery is an important part of the damages in your case and having an arbitration decision that it was indeed medically necessary is important for your case.

The insurance company transfers your claim to a new claims rep who must now review your entire file from scratch.  This can add months to the time it takes to settle the case. The insurance adjuster goes on an extended vacation or family leave and there is nobody to discuss your claim.  Of course, the litigation can continue, but the case cannot be settled unless there is a claims rep to discuss it with.

There are many reasons why cases take the time they do to settle.  The most important thing to remember is that it is your attorney’s job to explain why YOUR case is taking the time it’s taking.  If you are in the dark, you don’t have the right attorney.  If your attorney cannot fully explain why your case is taking so long, consider changing attorneys.

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When to Call a Car Crash Lawyer?2018-07-25T14:20:17+00:00


You should call a car crash lawyer if you are injured in an accident.  It might not be clear how serious your injuries are right after an accident, but an experienced car crash attorney can advise you about steps to take to preserve your rights.  For example, a car crash lawyer is likely to suggest that you take the ambulance to the hospital to be checked out – you could be in a state of shock and the injuries might be worse than you think.  A car crash attorney will also suggest that you file for “no-fault benefits” so your medical bills will be paid, because a car crash lawyer knows that the deadlines are short.  A car crash attorney will also recommend how to best handle your property damage claim, should there be damage to a vehicle.


There are so many reasons to call an experienced car crash lawyer after an accident.  Here is the list of recommended steps to take:

  1. Check the physical condition of yourself and others in the car
  2. Get out of the car, if possible. and help others if necessary
  3. Call 911 for the police and ambulance
  4. Call your car crash lawyer for more advice

A call to your car crash attorney is always a good idea.  Car crash lawyers recommend calling as soon as possible so that they can provide the best advice for your particular situation.


Car Crash Lawyers, Wittenstein & Wittenstein, will give you free advice from the scene of the accident, so you don’t have to guess at what to do.  There’s no reason not to call a car crash attorney after an accident, and the sooner the better.[wpseo_map max_number=”undefined” width=”400″ height=”300″ zoom=”-1″ map_style=”roadmap” scrollable=”1″ draggable=”1″ show_route=”1″ show_state=”0″][wpseo_opening_hours show_days=”sunday,monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday” comment=”Additional Hours by Appointment”]

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Can an Inmate Sue for Abuse and Neglect?2018-08-18T14:22:42+00:00


Yes, inmates are entitled to rights while in prison which can be asserted as claims for compensation.  A New York inmate abuse and neglect attorney can be hired to represent you.  If you have been a victim of abuse by prison staff or other prisoners, it’s worth investigating whether you have a claim.  If you have been denied proper medical care, disability accommodation, mental health treatment, you may have a compensatable claim.  You assert these rights, you will need the help of a New York inmate abuse and neglect attorney.

The United States has more people incarcerated that any other country in the World, with conditions much worse than any other developed country.  This is despite the prohibition in the United States Constitution against “cruel and unusual punishment” which prohibits abuse and neglect in prisons.  A New York inmate abuse and neglect attorney is well aware of all the laws that protect inmates and will fight for your rights.





Premises Liability – When Can You Sue?

If you’ve been seriously injured on somebody else’s property, you might be wondering if you should sue. You are considering making a premises liability claim, but you don’t want to be a greedy nasty person. On the other hand, you've lost time from work and can’t enjoy the same physical activities as before the accident, so it’s natural to consider whether you’re entitled to compensation. That’s why we’re going to outline how courts determine whether a property owner is legally liable when somebody gets hurt. It’s always a good idea to call us at 718-261-8114 if you’ve had any kind of accident for a specific answer regarding the facts of your particular situation. Premises liability claims [...]

Vaccination Laws Upheld Despite Religious Objections

In the United States, the First Amendment of the Constitution protects our right to practice the religion of our choice.  The State and City of New York have passed laws that offer increased protection from interference with religious practice and discrimination based on religion.  Just like the right to move your fist ends at the tip of another person’s nose, the government will limit the right to a religious practice that they believe endangers the community as a whole.  Justice Denise Hartman upheld the law abolishing religious exemptions to vaccinations, referring to a US Supreme Court decision from 1944, “The right to practice religion does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to [...]

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bicycle Accidents

Many cities, including New York City, are encouraging residents and visitors to use bikes to get around the city.  There are more bike lanes being put in every day, and you can rent a "Citi-bike" just about anywhere.  It's not surprising that this has resulted in an increasing number of bike accidents citywide.  They only have two wheels, so they are easy to tip over when they are hit by a car.  There is no protection other than a helmet for the bicyclist, so injuries from bike accidents tend to be serious.  If you are injured in a bicycle accident, an experienced bicycle accident attorney in NYC can explain the law as it applies to [...]

President George Bush’s Legacy- 7 Ways How the ADA Impacts Us Today

President George Bush’s Legacy- 7 Ways How the ADA Impacts Us Today A little over a week ago, on November 30, 2018, we lost our 41st president. George H.W Bush served as president from 1989-1993, and prior to his presidency, served as vice president from 1981 to 1989. Though we may not agree with all of his policies, the American Disability Act passed during his administration continues to be a major contribution to our society. The American Disability Act (ADA) was signed into law on July 26, 1990 and was implemented with the goal of increasing inclusion for persons with disabilities in employment,  telecommunications, public accommodations in both the public and private sector. Most of us, [...]

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What Should I Expect From My Attorney?2019-01-22T16:15:14+00:00


This woman speaks out “loud and clear” about what she expects from an attorney.  The “me too” movement has empowered women to let their wishes be known and to refuse to tolerate disrespectful and inappropriate behavior.  Back in “the day,” expectations for the personality of a professional were very low.  Doctors could lord over patients, telling them what to do, not answering questions – just telling them to do what they are told.  People would put up with this, and comment that he “doesn’t have a great bedside manner.”  Well, that’s unacceptable now for any type of professional.

So, if you’re asking “What should I expect from my attorney?” – the answer is that you should hold an attorney, and any other professional to a high standard.   The client is the consumer, and the client is “the boss,” and they should receive nothing less than excellent service.  Phone calls should be returned, and questions answered.  A client should never be “in the dark.”  Attorneys that don’t get that, will be losing all their clients to firms that know how to treat their clients.

You should expect your attorney to answer your questions honestly, and clients should be skeptical about “too good to be true claims.”  The attorney that tells you that you sore back case is worth a million dollars is LYING – and if you stopped a minute to think, you’d realize that right away.  How long will my case take?  If the answer is that it will be “very quick,” that attorney is either planning to sell your case short or isn’t being sincere, because there are so many factors that can delay a case, that that type of promise should never be made.  How about just explaining general timetables and things that might come up that could cause a delay?

If you receive anything less than excellent service, you should know that you have the right to change attorneys at any time during your case.  This right to change attorneys can be used easily, all you need to do is contact another attorney and they will take care of transferring your file.  Don’t just complain under your breath, take action!

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What’s an Ambulance Chaser?2019-01-22T16:16:16+00:00


You should avoid at all costs becoming the victim of ambulance chasing.  Ambulance chasing is illegal in the United States and most of the World. In England is also called “barratry,” an offense committed by people who are “overly officious in instigating or encouraging prosecution of groundless litigation” or who bring “repeated or persistent acts of litigation” for the purposes of profit or harassment. It’s well known as an insult to personal injury attorneys, implying that they “chase ambulances” to the emergency room to find clients.  An astute client can tell the difference between a reputable personal injury attorney and an “ambulance chaser.”


So how can you tell if your attorney is an ambulance chaser?  Ambulance chasers use illicit means to solicit clients that have had an accident.  For example, if you are treated in an emergency room, an ambulance chaser may get this data and begin calling you to ask if you would like to sue for your injuries.  You might get 10, 20 or 30 calls like this. The attorneys that engage is this harassing and illegal activity hope to convince you to trust them with your case, but why should you trust an attorney that is unethical?


Ambulance chasers also employ what’s known as “runners.”  These employees of unethical attorneys use radio scanners to intercept police calls to the scene of an accident.  They show up with the attorney’s cards, trying to solicit business from injured victims who are presently concerned about their health and well being.  They sometimes even bring forms to sign to retain the attorneys they work for. After an accident, people are often in a state of shock, both glad to be alive and concerned about their injuries and the damage to their vehicles.  To solicit clients at this time is reprehensible.

Another tactic is to use “runners” from medical offices that lure clients into treating for their injuries “for free,” with the no-fault insurance from the accident.  The no-fault insurance would cover their treatment at any provider that accepts this insurance, and they are numerous, but the false impression is given that they are getting something “for free.”  The patient is given a stack of forms to fill out, and sometimes those forms include a retainer for a law firm! I have had clients come to my office that did not even know that they had already retained any attorney.  Aside from being illegal and unethical, ambulance chasers often run “mills” with thousands of cases that all get little or no attention.  I have heard horror stories from clients that have worked with this type of firm – calls not returned, filing deadlines missed, and settlements proposed without breakdowns explaining how much money the client will receive.


What can you do if you made the mistake of retaining an ambulance chaser?  It’s easy to fix! Clients have a right to change attorneys at any time during their case.  The reputable attorney can have you sign a “Consent to Change Attorney” form that will end your relationship with the ambulance chaser and retain the legitimate attorney.  There are very good reasons why you should end such a relationship, including the fact that the District Attorney’s Office is constantly investigating these illicit operations and you could get swept up in the fraud prosecutions and come under scrutiny yourself.


At Wittenstein & Wittenstein, clients seek out our services through referrals and searches that lead to our transparent and informational website.  Our goal is to provide excellent service to clients needing representation for injuries sustained through the fault of others. There is no shame in seeking compensation for your pain and suffering when somebody has done you wrong, and this can best be accomplished with the assistance of a reputable personal injury firm.  The reputation of the law firm that represents you is known by the insurance companies and defense law firms. The largest settlements are made to firms that they take seriously. If your attorney is an ambulance chaser, your claim will not strong.  If you don’t have faith in your lawyer, you should consider changing attorneys.

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What are Contingency Fees?2019-01-22T17:25:38+00:00


What are contingency fees?

Like anyone with financial concerns, you may be wondering if it is even worth it to file a lawsuit. You may be worried that it is too costly to try to fight for your rights, even if you think you likely have a strong case. It seems unfair: How can you try to take a stand when it costs so much money? How will you come up with the finances to file a civil litigation? What if you lose the case and can’t pay the attorney fees? When you choose to work with Wittenstein & Wittenstein, you need not be concerned about such things, because we work on contingency.

Contingency is an agreement between the attorney and the client wherein the former agrees to be paid only if the client is awarded a sum. If the client gets a favorable verdict or a settlement, then the lawyer will take a normal fee. However, if no money is granted to the plaintiff, then the attorney does not get money, either. By working on contingency, Wittenstein & Wittenstein puts itself at financial risk in order to help you seek justice.

When you decide to accept a settlement or a verdict comes in from a jury, the expenses of the case are deducted from the total award.  For example, if the settlement or verdict is $100,000 and there are $1000 in expenses, there is $99,000 left.  You would receive $66,000 and the attorney would receive $33,000.  You should always receive a breakdown before signing a release which itemizes the expenses (filing fees, medical reports, experts, etc.).  You should know exactly what you will be receiving before you sign.

Contingency fee arrangements can vary for different types of cases such as car accidents and medical malpractice.  They are regulated by laws that govern contingency fees.  Contingency fees are a way for people that cannot afford to pay an hourly fee to an attorney to have a way to get justice if they are injured.

If you believe you have a case and are worried about the financial implications of taking legal action, contact us at 718-261-8114 or so we can help you discuss your options and figure out the next best step.

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What Are The Time Limits for Filing a Lawsuit in New York?2019-01-22T17:25:24+00:00



It is not a wise decision to wait when you think you have a case: Act now!  If you are wondering “What are the time limits for filing a lawsuit in New York,?” the best thing to do is immediately contact an attorney who can apply the law to your situation.  That said, here’s an overview of the time limitations for various types of situations.

Unfortunately, the law does not have infinite patience. Lawsuits cannot be filed whenever it is most convenient to the litigant (you). According to the law, suits must be filed within a certain amount of time after the date of the incident in question. The statute of limitations is a guideline that determines whether your case is still valid or if you have waited too long to file. Its purpose is to set a calendar deadline for litigation based on a given event.
The start date for the statute of limitations is almost always the date when the incident occurred. There are two exceptions:

  • Date of Discovery: When a person could not have known they were injured, like if a surgical instrument was left inside them after surgery and was not discovered until complications arose, it would be unfair to use the date of the surgery (when the accident took place) as the start date for the statute of limitations. In these cases, the start date is the date of discovery.
  • Delaying (“Tolling”): When the person who incurred the loss is unable to file suit right away because they are (most commonly) a minor, mentally incompetent, or bankrupt, then the statute of limitations is delayed or “tolled.” To cite a common example, if the litigant was a minor on the date of loss and the statute of limitations is two years, then the statute of limitations is delayed until that person can file as an adult. The start date for the two years will then be the day he or she turns eighteen.

In New York State, the statute of limitations laws are as follows:

  • Defective Products or Devices: An action must be brought within 3 years of the date the injury occurred.
  • Personal Injury & Negligence: An action must be brought within 3 years.
    • Toxic substance exposure is counted under Date of Discovery.
  • Personal Property Damage: An action must be brought within 3 years of date of incident.
  • Professional Malpractice: An action must be brought within 2 ½ years.
    • This statute is delayed when there is a foreign object that may have been left in someone’s body or if there was continuous treatment of the plaintiff. The statute of limitations runs from the time when the foreign object is discovered (up to 1 year) or the last date of the continuous treatment.
    • If it is discovered that the medical practitioner withheld the truth about the malpractice, the statute of limitations runs for 6 years from the date when the fraud occurred or should have been discovered.
    • If an infant is the victim of malpractice, the statute of limitations can be extended by up to 10 years from the date of the act or omission that caused the injury.
  • Wrongful Death: An action must be brought within 2 years of date of death.

Those whose death came as a result of complications from involvement on September 11th have 2 ½ years from date of death.

As indicated above, the statute of limitations varies depending on the type of case you have. This is why it is of the utmost importance to pursue litigation as soon as possible after you have incurred a loss of any kind. If you have any questions regarding this matter or believe you may have a case that may expire under the statute of limitations, please feel free to contact us at 718-261-8114 or We are ready to help you figure out your best options and take the next step.

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What is No-Fault Insurance?2018-07-19T13:37:16+00:00

No-Fault insurance is a term that is commonly used to refer to “first party” benefits that are available to pay for medical bills, lost earnings and some out-pocket-expenses for traffic accidents in New York.  New York is a mandatory “no-fault” state so there is always some type of coverage if you are in a traffic accident, (unless you were working for an employer, then Worker’s Compensation will pay similar benefits.)  In most cases, an application for no-fault insurance coverage must be filed within thirty days of the accident, but there are some exceptions.  You cannot choose to use your health insurance instead, and you must treat with medical providers that accept no-fault rates.  There are no co-payments, so that’s a plus over using health insurance that people like.  You will need to attend Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s) with the insurance company and eventually the benefits will be cut off.  Many doctors are willing to hire lawyers to arbitrate these cut-offs so that you can treat longer if necessary.

If you are a driver or passenger in a vehicle, the no-fault insurance for the car you are in will be primary for no-fault benefits.  If there is no insurance on the car, the passenger can apply through their own car or a car “in their household,” or with MVAIC, but the driver is “out of luck” when driving a car with no insurance.  For pedestrians and bicyclists  the car that hit you is primary, then your own insurance or household insurance, then MVAIC.  There is no no-fault insurance coverage for motorcycle riders.

For more information see our article, “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about No-Fault”

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Can I Sue My Boss For Asking Me Out on a Date?2018-07-19T12:29:25+00:00

Sue your boss for harassment? If your boss asks you out on a date, you say “no,” and that’s the end of it, probably not.  There is no law prohibiting your boss from simply asking you out on a date.  On the other hand, if your boss asks you out on a date, you say “no,” and things change in the workplace, then it might be sexual harassment.  Let’s say that after you turn him down for the date, you notice that you are being overlooked for overtime and promotions.  That’s against the law, and action should be taken.  With the same scenario, he doesn’t take no for an answer and keeps asking you out after you’ve clearly and decisively turned him down.  That’s sexual harassment.  It’s a “hostile work environment” when you are constantly plied with requests for dates!  What must be established is that there is a “pattern” of treatment that creates a “hostile work environment.”

Let’s say this boss that asks you out is your manager at a large company.  If isn’t taking no for an answer, the next step is to report the situation to upper management or to the Human Resources Department.  This complaint should be in writing.  Upper management is responsible for making sure that there is not a hostile work environment for employees.  They should reach out to your boss about the complaint and make sure it never happens again.  If, after you’ve made the complaint, the behavior continues, there is an actionable claim against the business.

For more information, see our articles:

Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION at 718-261-8114 – you’ll be glad you did!


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What Should I Do If I Get Into an Accident While Out-of-State?2018-07-19T12:32:37+00:00

If you get into an accident while out-of-state, follow the same steps you would take if you were involved in a car accident in your home state. Your insurance coverage follows you wherever you go within the United States, so you can be assured that your New York State No-Fault Benefits will cover your medical bills regardless of who is at fault.

Things can get a bit tricky when it comes to pursuing recovery through a bodily injury claim when in an out-of-state accident. Your personal insurance will adjust to at least meet the minimum coverage requirements of the state where the accident occurred. For example, if you’re a New York resident and have the minimum coverage (25/50/10) and are then involved in an accident in Maine, your policy would adjust to Maine’s minimum of 50/100/25.  This is great for the other driver/pedestrian if you are at fault for the accident. However if you’re pursuing a bodily injury claim because of the other driver’s negligence, your claim can be limited by that person’s insurance coverage which can be drastically lower than New York’s minimum (New Jersey’s minimum is 15/30/5). You are also subject to that state’s law, including their statute of limitations and must meet the threshold set by that state. A New York State attorney can still represent you but only an attorney from the state in which the crash occurred can file a suit if a settlement cannot be reached.

If you find yourself if an accident while out-of-state, contact NYC Personal Injury Attorney, Wittenstein & Wittenstein right away. We have over 60 years of experience in dealing with these types of cases. Call 718-261-8114 to schedule a free consultation today.


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When Should You Call an Employment Attorney?2019-01-22T17:22:36+00:00

Wondering whether you should call an Employment Attorney?  There are many different types of employment issues, and therefore different types of employment attorneys.  Here are some of the areas of practice for an Employment Attorney:

  • Employment Discrimination
    • Unequal Pay
    • Failure to Hire
    • Discriminatory Termination
  • Sexual Harassment/Hostile Work Environment
  • Employee Benefits
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Workplace Safety

Before you meet with your Employment Attorney, you should put together all of the documents you have regarding your claim.  For example, if you have papers that show that you are getting paid less than others with similar jobs and qualifications, you should bring that with you.  If your boss has been sending you inappropriate e-mails, bring print-outs when you see your Employment Attorney.


You should be sure to ask your employment attorney what how they will be charging you for their services.  If they will be charging an hourly rate, make sure that they give you an estimate of how many hours will be required for your case.  Those hours can accumulate quickly if the litigation becomes hotly contested!  If you have a claim that is in the “public interest,” but there are no damages that can be collected, an employment attorney to help you locate the proper organizations to file with.

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What Can I Do If My Attorney Dropped My Case?2019-01-22T17:22:25+00:00

If your attorney dropped your case without thoroughly explaining the reasons, you should call another attorney to look into it.  There might be very good reasons why your case cannot continue, but sometimes an attorney drops a case because he discovers that he does not have the expertise or resources necessary to handle the case, and never should have taken it in the first place. So, if you are wondering, “What can I do if my attorney dropped my case,?” here are some answers.


  1. The evidence reveals that the accident was not caused by a negligent party.
    • There is a credible witness that says the accident is mostly your fault (ie; you went through the light)
    • There is a video showing that the accident is your fault, etc.
  2. In a traffic accident, you did not meet the standard for “serious injury”


  1. Letter or e-mail arrives dropping the case with no explanation – and your attorney does not provide a good one.
  2. Medical Malpractice – the Statute of Limitations is short, and the attorney drops your case right before a large investment for experts is necessary.
  3. Case Against the City of New York – short deadlines for filing, the attorney may not have enough experience with cases against The City.


Instead of just wondering, “What can I do if my attorney dropped my case,?” get a second opinion. If your attorney dropped your case, we might be able to help you.  In our 60 years of practice, we’ve taken on many cases that other attorneys have turned away, helping people get justice.

Our Accident Lawyer Blog

Here you will find a wealth of useful information for victims of negligence, property owners, and safety buffs.  Negligence is carelessness, and when that carelessness causes an injury, a cause of action for compensation can arise.  Learn what you can for yourself and when an accident lawyer can help you.  We respond quickly to all comments, and will gladly take your phone call if you have any questions.  Our phone is answered by a real live human being who will let you know when an attorney is available to speak to you, not just bleep you over to voicemail.  (Occasionally, if we are very, very busy, our voicemail might pick up, but we’ll call you right back.)

Learn how a top accident lawyer can show compassion for your situation and clearly explain all the options.  Please explore our blog and feel free to CONTACT US.

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7 Reasons to Hire a Construction Accident Attorney (#5’s a Surprise)2018-12-16T21:13:57+00:00

Construction Accidents are becoming more frequent as laws and regulations protecting workers are being abolished so that real estate developers can put more money in their pockets.  Sadly, this is causing an increase in the rate of accidents, with serious injuries and fatalities increasing.  If you have been the victim of a construction accident, here are the reasons to hire a construction accident attorney:

  1. Get Workers Compensation Benefits Quickly – an experienced construction accident attorney will know how to process your claim quickly so money is coming into your family as soon as possible.
  2. Investigation of All Exceptions to Workers Compensation that May Allow You to Sue Your Employer – New York State does not allow employees to sue their employers, but there are many exceptions that often apply to construction accidents such as “grave injuries,” falling from a height and failure to employ certain safety standards.
  3. Investigate Applicable Product Liability Claims – If the accident was caused, even partially, by malfunctioning equipment, the manufacturer of the equipment can be held liable.
  4. Investigate Third-Parties – There are often employees of other companies working on a site that may have contributed to the accident.
  5. Public Policy – Trump era deregulation is abolishing laws and regulations that protect worker safety, causing serious injuries and fatalities among construction workers to skyrocket.  Making a claim will hold employers accountable, and could reduce future accidents.
  6. Peace of Mind – Knowing that you have top lawyers at your side will allow you to focus on your recovery/
  7. Money Can’t Buy Happiness, but it Can Help – Collecting a substantial amount of money will help you to rebuild your life financially after the accident.
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Can I Sue In New York If I’m Not a Citizen?2019-01-22T17:25:04+00:00

Can I sue in New York if I'm not a citizen?


If you are wondering, “Can I sue in New York if I’m not a citizen,?” the answer is yes.  TOURISTS AND IMMIGRANTS CAN TAKE A STAND, TOO!  So, if you are a tourist or an immigrant, and in need of legal assistance in the United States, don’t be afraid to fight for your rights! Even if you are in the country illegally, you still have a right to sue.  Attorneys and insurance companies are not required to report immigration status.  Wittenstein & Wittenstein can help you seek compensation for any injustices done to you, just like anybody else.

Non-native residents and tourists in the United States are hesitant to file lawsuits because they are afraid they do not have the same rights as citizens. But you need not feel fear: let an experienced and highly qualified attorney from Wittenstein & Wittenstein decide the merits of your case. We understand that immigrants face special challenges when filing a lawsuit in the United States. The laws of your home country may not be the same as the laws here. You may not speak English very well, so the idea of sorting through legal jargon—which is difficult even for Americans to understand—is scary. But Wittenstein & Wittenstein is dedicated to helping. With our small size, we are able to give you the individual attention you need to feel comfortable with your litigation. Additionally, we are prepared with translators on staff to assist you in making decisions. This kind of special attention cannot be found at a large firm, which is why Wittenstein & Wittenstein takes pride in its size.

It is not true that you must be a citizen to file a lawsuit in the United States. Common examples of people who are eligible to file suit are:

  • Students on Student Visas
  • Workers with Work Visas
  • Green Card holders
  • Non-citizen residents
  • Illegal immigrants
  • Tourists

If you are not from the United States but believe you have a case to file in this country, please call Wittenstein & Wittenstein at 718-261-8114 or email at so we can help you determine what your options are and help you take the next step.

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Are You Looking for a Motorcycle Crash Lawyer?2019-01-22T17:22:06+00:00

motorcycle crash lawyerMOTORCYCLE CRASH LAWYER

If you’ve had a motorcycle accident, you need a motorcycle crash lawyer that knows motorcycle accident law inside and out.   Injuries are often severe and deaths are all too common, plus the laws are different for motorcycles than other types of motor vehicles.  Adding to the challenges, there is the perception that motorcyclists are daredevils that do not obey traffic laws.  Additionally, motorcycle cases are complicated, with some special laws and regulations that apply only to motorcycle accidents. We have been representing motorcyclists for more than 60 years, so we know everything about how to handle your case.

A motorcycle crash attorney can help you get your medical bills paid.  Motorcycle accidents are exempt from New York’s no-fault laws, so you can sometimes use your health insurance for treatment, something you cannot do for a car accident.  Exemption from the n0-fault law also enables victims of motorcycle crashes to sue the responsible party for injuries that do not meet New York’s threshold for “serious injury.”

If a motorcycle is struck by a truck or a vehicle from out-of-state, it is more complicated.  We have been representing cyclists for more than 60 years.  If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you need a motorcycle crash lawyer with this type of experience.

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What If I think I’m OK After an Accident, and Realize Later That I’m Injured?2019-01-22T17:18:05+00:00

Personal Injury Attorneys call this type of scenario “delayed injuries.”  It happens all the time.  Right after the shock of an accident, and the police come to the scene and you tell them you’re fine, but then you go home and realize that everything is hurting.  Of course, it is always better for an injury lawsuit if you notice your injuries right away, but it’s not too late to seek medical treatment for “delayed injuries” at any time after the accident when you realize you were hurt.  Even though they are “delayed injuries,”  its still “the sooner the better,” so as you soon as you notice you’re hurt, you should go to the emergency room to get checked out.  Follow the instructions on the discharge sheet for follow-up and call a personal injury attorney for a consultation.  An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to make a case for your delayed injuries.


QUEENS SPINAL CORD INJURIES ATTORNEY WITTENSTEIN & WITTENSTEIN Queens Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney knows that the back and spinal cord are complicated and important structures of bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, and nerves.  Back injuries can cause pain that is so severe that it’s difficult to move around and to enjoy normal activities. Back injuries can be caused by the following: Car accidents Truck accidents Motorcycle accidents Medical malpractice Accidents in nursing homes Workplace accidents (i.e. heavy lifting, overexertion, repetitive lifting or bending motions) If your back injury was caused by somebody else’s negligence or recklessness, you have a right to sue for compensation. It is important that you consult with an [...]

Can I Sue for My Back Injuries?

IT'S OFTEN POSSIBLE TO SUE FOR BACK INJURIES If you are wondering "Can I sue for my back injuries,?" the answer, like so many answers in law, is "it depends."  When a back injury is caused by the negligent, reckless or intentional acts of another person, it is often possible to make a successful case.  If the accident happened at work, you generally cannot sue your employer, but there are exceptions.  Let's look at different scenarios where it possible, and not possible, to make a case. HOW SERIOUS IS THE INJURY? It's not possible to bring a lawsuit where the only evidence is subjective complaints of back pain.  If you went [...]

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Low Impact Collisions

Don’t believe the insurance companies when they say that it’s impossible to sustain serious injuries in a low impact collision. The reality is that traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be sustained any time there is force to the head. Brain trauma occurs in car accidents when the head is either propelled into the steering wheel, windshield or other hard objects in the vehicle. When a car is struck, sometimes the brain itself continues to move, causing it to collide with the hard bones of the skull. That’s whyan experienced Queens Brain Injuries Attorney will always recommend a trip to the emergency room after any head injury. A Slight Headache Can Be [...]

3 Types of Electrical Hazards and How to Prevent Them

There is no question that hundreds of millions of people the world over have come to rely on the modern convenience of electricity. Indeed, the whole reason I am able to write about this subject is because of electricity. However, with every benefit, there is a downside. There are a number of electrical hazards you should be aware of. Knowing how to prevent them is one of the best steps you can take to keep you and your family and friends and employees as safe as possible. Keep these potential red flags in mind. Electric Fires Electrical fires are those that are caused by electrical difficulties, such as sparks or a [...]

Children Bullied at School – There IS Something You Can Do About it!

CHILDREN BULLIED AT SCHOOL HAVE RIGHTS When I was a child, bullying at school was rampant, and there wasn't much that could be done about it.  When parents complained that their child was being bullied at school, there were told things like "boys will be boys," and that they should teach their child to be more assertive to deal with bullies.  We know now that bullying can lead to depression and even suicide, and there are now laws that protect children from this fate.  In other words, children bullied at school now have rights.  The U.S. Department of Health and human services defines bullying as "unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged [...]

When Do You Need an Experienced NYC Truck Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, make sure you hire an experienced NYC Truck Accident Attorney.  Truck Accidents are complicated as they involve Workers Compensation and Commercial Insurance Policies that a general practice attorney or general personal injury attorney may not have enough experience with truck accidents. Right after a Truck Accident, you should: Get out of the truck if you possibly can, as trucks can catch fire or explode after an accident. Call 911 and make sure you are taken from the scene to a hospital to be checked out. While you are waiting for the police and ambulance, take photos and video of all involved vehicles [...]

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When Should I Call a Medical Malpractice Attorney?2019-01-22T17:22:45+00:00

Wondering whether you should call a NYC Medical Malpractice Attorney? If you suspect that a doctor’s mistake has caused you or a loved one harm, you should investigate whether there is a medical malpractice case.  There are many different types of cases that a NYC Medical Malpractice Attorney can handle, for example:

  1. Birth Injuries

  2. Failure to Diagnose

  3. Medical Mistakes

  4. Dental Malpractice

A New York City Medical Malpractice Attorney works on a contingency fee, which means that they must invest a tremendous amount of money in a case, and only get paid when there is a verdict or settlement.  There must be another doctor that is willing to testify that the original doctor made a mistake and substantial harm that was caused by the error.


It is not uncommon for a person to be worse off or even die after a medical procedure.  This might not be the doctor’s fault.  There are risks associated with procedures that are expected, and as long as the patient was fully informed of the risk, and the doctor did the procedure correctly, there is no malpractice.  A doctor may negligently fail to diagnose a condition, which a doctor picks up, but if the delay in treatment did not cause any harm, there are no damages.  Sadly, once somebody is above a certain age, and there is limited life expectancy, it is very difficult to prove damages, so even if a mistake shortens or ends their life, it is usually not financially feasible to bring a claim.


Sometimes inexperienced attorneys will sign up your medical malpractice case thinking they can settle without substantial litigation, as they might be able to do with a car accident or slip and fall case.  As soon as they find out that they will have to lay out $50,000-$100,000 to litigate the case to trial, or at least to jury selection, you get a letter in the mail dropping your case.  By this time the Statute of Limitations may be close, and you will have a very hard time finding a medical malpractice attorney to take your case.  Ask how many medical malpractice cases they have handled, and if they have the resources to invest.


Just because it’s not always possible to bring a lawsuit, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call a Medical Malpractice Attorney for a consultation.

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What is Medical Malpractice?2019-01-16T20:25:00+00:00
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What is an Accident Attorney?2018-07-20T23:17:54+00:00



what is an accident lawyer

If you are wondering “What is an accident attorney,?” the answer is not so simple as there are many titles used for lawyers handling accident cases.  An accident attorney is a type of personal injury lawyer, representing people that claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, from the negligence or fault of a person, a company, a government agency. Even though personal injury lawyers are trained and licensed to practice virtually any field of law (as all lawyers are,) they choose to specialize in cases that fall under “tort law” including work injuries, automobile and other traffic accidents, defective products, medical mistakes, and slip and fall accidents.

The expression “trial lawyers” can refer to personal injury lawyers because even though most cases handled by personal injury lawyers settle rather than going to trial, personal injury attorneys pursue litigation to position their cases for settlement, whereas some other types of lawyers never step foot in court such as most corporate lawyers, contracts lawyers and real estate lawyers.  Personal Injury/Accident lawyer have various duties in serving their clients. These obligations include professional and ethical rules put forward by state bar associations where the attorneys are authorized.  Once they are authorized by their state bar association, legal advisors are legitimately allowed to offer counseling and guidance and to file lawsuit on behalf of their clients in state courts.  Personal Injury attorneys can also be licensed to handle matters for clients in Federal Court.

Sometimes personal injury lawyer called Plaintiff’s Attorneys, even though there are also attorneys that do defense work, representing those that are sued for personal injuries.  Those attorneys usually work for insurance companies.  Many personal injury attorneys will offer a free consultation to decide whether or not they want to take on a new matter.  Most personal injury attorneys work on a “contingency retainer,” which means that the client pays nothing unless money is collected.  This is, of course, a risk for the attorney who might end up investing cash and resources for a case and will have a loss if nothing can be collected.  That’s why a smart personal injury lawyer will be very selective about what they take on.  Personal injury lawyers must follow strict ethical rules.  The guidelines do vary from State to State, but what is always paramount is that lawyers owe a duty of loyalty and confidentiality and must zealously prosecute cases for their clients.

In order to practice personal injury/accident law in the United State, a lawyer must sit for and pass at least one State Bar Examination.  Most States also require four years of college and three years of law school.  There are also graduate degrees in various legal specialties that some personal injury/accident attorneys might also have obtained.  Ask your personal injury/accident attorney about his or her qualifications.  Sometimes personal injury/accident attorney will have very narrow specialties such as a malpractice attorney that focuses their practice on a specific disease.  Other examples of narrow personal injury/accident attorney specialties include maritime law (laws of the sea), railroad or aviation accidents.

If you are injured in an accident or in some other way by the fault of another, it is always in your best interests to consult with a personal injury.  Ask the lawyer how much of their practice is devoted to personal injury and accident law.  You wouldn’t want your gynecologist doing your root canal, so probably you don’t want a divorce lawyer to handle your accident cases.

Call Wittenstein & Wittenstein 718-261-8114, experienced professional accident attorney and personal injury lawyers if you have any questions.  Always remember JUSTICE IS SWEET.

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How Do My Medical Bills Get Paid If I am Hit by a Car?2018-07-19T12:31:48+00:00

New York City No-Fault Lawyers know how to get your bills paid when you are hit by a car.   If you have insurance information for the car that hit you, your medical bills will usually be paid by the insurance company for that vehicle under their “no-fault” coverage.  If you were working when you were hit, you might be covered under workers compensation insurance.  If you are not working, and the accident was a “hit and run,” you will be covered under your own insurance policy, or the policy or a car owner in your household.  Your own insurance or household insurance will also cover you if the car that hit you does not have valid insurance.

New York City No-Fault Lawyers – Helping People Hit by Cars

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Can I Sue The City If I Fall on the Sidewalk2019-01-22T17:17:10+00:00

You are wondering, “Can I Sue the City if I fall on the sidewalk?” Yes, you can sue the city if you fall on the sidewalk.  The City must have “actual notice” of the defect in the sidewalk, and a claim must be filed with 90 days of the occurrence. It is only worthwhile to sue the City for a fall on the sidewalk is you have sustained a very serious injury.  This is because litigation against the City is expensive, and the investment is not merited unless there are enough “damages” to collect.  If you sprain your ankle, and do not require medical treatment, it is to sue the City.  If your ankle is broken, casted, and you lose time from work, this would make the claim worthwhile.

Often when you fall on the sidewalk, the owner of the adjacent property is responsible.  If a property owner, with insurance, is responsible for the condition that caused you to fall, you can make a claim even if your injuries are not that serious.  It is always worthwhile to speak to an attorney that handled “premises liability” and “slip and fall” cases to find out if you have a claim that is worth pursuing.  The personal injury attorney can apply the law to the specific facts of your case to determine whether is it worth suing.  An experienced personal injury attorney will know exactly what questions to ask to evaluate your claim.  You lose nothing by making the call, and even if you cannot sue for your injuries, it is a worthwhile step to get closure.

These are some examples of defects on a sidewalk that a property owner may be responsible for:

  1. Hole
  2. Raised areas
  3. Uneven pavement
  4. Ice and Snow
  5. Debris

At Wittenstein & Wittenstein, we take pride in our service to the community, and we will patiently answer all your questions and address all your concerns.  Call us at 718-261-8114 for a free consultation.  You can stop wondering, “Can I Sue the City If I Fall on the Sidewalk,?” and find out now if you can make a case.

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How Much Should I Sue For?2019-01-22T16:16:53+00:00

Attorneys always sue for much more than they are likely to settle for, as they want to keep the stakes high with the threat of a potential jury verdict.  So the answer to the question, “How much should I sue for?” is “some ridiculous arbitrary amount that is much more than your case is actually worth.”  That’s why people hit the ceiling when they are served with a summons and complaint after a fender bender and see that they are being sued for $50,000,000! When people ask how much they should sue for, what they really want to know is how much their case is worth.  That’s a complicated analysis that usually requires the assistance of an attorney, as there are many factors to consider.  That would seem simple, except that ethical attorney loathe to make promises about outcomes for their clients, and sometimes judges and juries do not live up to their expectations.  Here are some factors to consider to understand how much it might be reasonable to collect in damage (a money judgment or settlement) for an injury case.


The most important limitation on how much money can be collected in a lawsuit is the amount of insurance coverage.  A lawsuit is not limited by the amount of insurance coverage, but as a practical matter is it not generally possible to collect more money than the applicable insurance coverage.  So when an attorney (and he shouldn’t be doing this) makes any promise about how much a case is worth, you should always ask how much insurance coverage there is.  For automobile accidents, the minimum coverage required in New York is 25/50, which covered $25,000 dollars for an individual claimant and $50,000 per incident.  This is the minimum amount required, but many drivers carry more, especially if they own their residence.  Taxis must have 100/300 coverage and commercial vehicles can sometimes have upward of a million dollars in coverage.


Once it’s established how much coverage is available, the next step is to analyze the negligence claim itself.  This is easy if you were hit in the rear by a drunk texting driver that is clearly 100% at fault.  An intersection collision is more complicated, as you and the other driver may have different stories to tell.  There are usually no witnesses to traffic accidents and it is quite common to see police reports that have both drivers claiming the other driver went through the light.  It is very difficult to prove who actually went through the light – it might require retaining very expensive accident reconstruction experts, which would not be worth it unless the injuries sustained are very severe.  For slip and falls, it is necessary to prove “notice” of the which can be “reasonable” or “actual” dependent on who is being sued.  Reasonable notice means that the property owner “knew or should have known about the dangerous condition.”  For example, when you slip and fall on water in a supermarket, it is often very difficult to prove reasonable notice because it’s impossible to know how long the water was on the floor before you fell.  It could have been dropped by another patron moments before you fell, and it would not be reasonable to expect a store to notice things this quickly.  This is a difficult pill to swallow for claimants that are seriously injured in such falls, that the amount of recovery for settlement can be much less than they expected for their injuries because of the settlement “discount” for the difficulty of proving notice.  Attorneys do not want to litigate cases with a “notice problem,” because the case could be dismissed!  These are many other examples, but it’s important to remember that how strong the claim for negligence is will impact the value of the case overall.


The value of an injury depends to a large extent on how well it heals.  Sometimes there are injuries that are very painful for the first couple of weeks, but heal completely.  With that happens, and there is little to no lost time from work, the value of the case is small, even if the person was hit in the rear by a drunk driver!  On the other hand, some injuries will take longer to heal and will result in a great deal of time lost from work, and may be worth more than what would be expected for that type of injuries.  The “egg shell” skull theory that attorneys learn about in law school, explains that when somebody has a pre-existing condition that makes the injuries heal more slowly, the negligent person is responsible for these damages.  Even with fractures and surgery, most cases are not worth more than several hundred thousand dollars.  For catastrophic injuries, such as blindness or paralysis, the damages can be in the millions.

I hope this FAQ answer gives you some good questions to ask your lawyer!

Do I Need a Pediatric Malpractice Attorney?

Pediatric Malpractice Attorneys specialize is handling cases for children that are victims of medical malpractice.  It is a sub-specialty for the types of medical treatment that children receive, and the types of problems that tend to occur.  Of course, just like with medical treatment, a generalist malpractice attorney can handle many of these cases, but it is usually better to go with a lawyer that is more knowledgeable about this particular area.  A really good malpractice lawyer will know everything about the medical procedures for the case, almost as much as a doctor! Did you know that it could be malpractice for some orthopedists to treat children with broken bones?  That's because children have growth plates which an orthopedist that treats adults may not have enough [...]

Psychological Injuries Lawsuits

Some psychological injuries are so severe that they can be as disabling as serious physical injuries.  When a careless or reckless act caused intense trauma, special arrangements must be made when pursuing a lawsuit.  This concept originated with “collaborative divorce,” where a psychologist becomes part of the team so that settlement discussions can stay on track.  With lawsuits that involved extremely traumatic events, this formula can also be applied, and a lawsuit for psychological injuries can be brought. Of course, any accident is traumatic.  Fearing for your life when you are hit by a car or slipping on water and breaking your leg are “traumatic events,”, but these accidents do not shatter the core of your being and cause you to think less of yourself.  In [...]

When you’ve injured in a car accident – don’t refuse the ambulance!

The other day a client called, telling me that she was very nervous about what to do because she just had a car accident. She said that she had the green light, but the woman that blasted through a red light, lied to the police, and the police report says that the accident is a "question of lights." She said she had a witness, a pedestrian, that had to jump out of the way as that woman sped through a red light. She said she was hurt and so was her mother. I told her she should come in right away. She said she was busy and could not come in until next Tuesday. By the time they came in, the case was already severely jeopardized. [...]

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Are There Special Laws That Protect Children?2019-01-16T22:22:20+00:00

How the Law Protects Children

The law takes into account the immaturity and fragility of children and creates laws that have a higher level of protection than those that apply to adults.  Not everybody knows this.  I was outraged when a mother brought in her son that was hit by a car on his way to school.  He was being taken to school by an older child.  Her son was 8 and the older child was 10.  Probably not the best decision to allow a 10-year such responsibility, but that was in the past.  As they were crossing the street, a block from a school where there were hundreds of children on their way in, a driver hit the child.  The child flew up onto the hood of the car, and rolled off.  The children were in a state of shock, and the driver gave the kid a business card and took off.  He didn’t call the police and he didn’t call an ambulance for the child.  Clearly, this man was not aware that there are special laws that protect children.


The kid went to school and spent the whole day there, afraid to tell his teachers what happened, afraid he might get in trouble.  His mother did not know about the accident until he came limping home after school.  The driver did not know that he would be held to a much higher standard of care because he was driving in a school zone, where it should be expected that children might cross in the middle of the street or chase a ball.  Even if there are no “school zone” signs posted, a reasonable person would notice that a hundred or so children are converging on a school in the morning.


Children love to play, and they can be very curious.  When I was a teen, I am embarrassed to admit that I loved to explore burned out houses.  My friends and I had a slogan, “If it’s burned out, we’re there!”  Luckily, none of us ever got injured, but the owners of those burned-out homes that were accessible would have been in big trouble if we did get hurt!  This concept is called “attractive nuisance,” and it holds property owners liable for allowing access to something dangerous that children might find interesting such as a construction site or pool.


This is how the law protects children, and there are many other examples.  Car seat safety has evolved to protect children from parents that might be too lazy or cheap to provide safe seating, and it also applies to any caregivers that are in charge of a child.  A hospital will not let you take your baby home in a car without an infant seat, hospital personnel will inspect your car and issue an approval.  Yes, there are special laws that protect children, and opponents of regulation may feel that they go too far and are too costly to parents and property owners.  Let us know how you feel about this.

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What Should I Do If I Find My Parked Car Damaged?2019-01-22T17:22:54+00:00

The law requires that drivers leave a note with name, address and contact information in a visible location if they hit and damage a parked car. It is considered a hit and run if one damages another’s property and leave without providing identifying information.  Unfortunately, in New York it is not usually the case that someone will leave a note after leaving an unattended parked car damaged.

If you find that your parked car is damaged, you have a choice whether or not to report the property damage to your insurance company.  If the damage is minor, you might decide to repair it yourself. This would allow you to avoid paying a deductible and decrease the possibility of your rates going up.  Should you decide to report the damage to your parked car, follow these steps:

  1. Call the police to file a report – If you decide to go through insurance to fix your car, they will ask for it. Calling the police is also beneficial because they may know of surveillance cameras in the area that could’ve captured the incident. Make sure to request the accident report and get the name and badge number of the officer.
  2. Take pictures of the damage – Note the location and time
  3. Look for any possible witnesses – Look around for any possible witnesses. Maybe there’s someone who saw what happened and could provide you with more information about the incident
  4. Call your insurance company to report the accident


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Should I Hire a Construction Accident Attorney?2018-08-18T10:53:11+00:00


construction accident attorney

If you have been seriously injured while working at a construction site, the laws are complicated.  You are entitled to Workers Compensation, but you may also meet an exception to the law that bars lawsuits by employees against employers and you may also have a claim against a third party.  This is why you would benefit from hiring a Construction Accident Attorney to help you obtain compensation.

There are many claims to file for benefits, and possibly lawsuits to file against several entities.  Once a settlement is proposed you will also benefit from the advice of an experienced Construction Accident Attorney that knows how much your case is worth.  You should also know that a Construction Accident Attorney usually works on a contingency fee, so you don’t have to pay any money up front.  You certainly have nothing to lose by having a free consultation.




What Type Of Lawyer Handles Traumatic Brain Injury (TMI) Cases?

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TMI) can cause severe disabilities that last a lifetime. Access to state of the art treatment, facilities and devices can make the future can be much brighter for brain injury victims and their entire family. That’s why it’s so important to choose an attorney that can collect the largest amount of compensation possible for victims of catastrophic injuries. Personal injury attorneys sue people and companies that cause injuries due to their negligence, recklessness or intentional acts and specialize in areas such as car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, product liability and construction accidents. Traumatic brain injury cases require the highest level of skill and experience, with a commitment to help families obtain [...]


Phase I of the reopening of NYC was the resumption of construction work. The city that never sleeps woke up quickly and began buzzing again with the sights and sounds of building skyscrapers, restoring landmark buildings and renovating residences. It’s not surprising that construction accidents in NYC have also begun to increase in numbers, with many victims suffering from severe or catastrophic injuries. Construction accidents can be complicated - with multiple defendants, short filing deadlines and overlapping legal claims. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact an experienced NYC construction accident lawyer as soon as possible to find out your legal rights after a construction accident. Wittenstein & Wittenstein has been helping people injured in [...]

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical negligence by a healthcare professional, leading to injury or death, is known as the Medical Malpractice.In New York, you generally have only 2 1/2 years to file a medical malpractice claim. If your claim includes a city or state hospital, a notice of claim must be filed within 90 days. Once a healthcare professional becomes aware of their mistake, they often try to cover their tracks. If you think you may be a victim of medical malpractice, it’s important to contact an experienced Queens medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible, before deadlines are blown and evidence is destroyed. What Types of Mistakes Are Medical Malpractice? Healthcare professionals are not required to be excellent. They [...]

How to Hire A Reputable Bronx Car Accident Attorney

New York City is the scam capital of the United States, so it’s important to know what to do to avoid scammers! For example, it’s important to make sure that you only get into a metered taxi, ride share, or livery that you’ve arranged for. Too many people have been charged $500 for a ride home from the airport. The Bronx is swarming with scams, and their incidence is increasing due to the economic downturn caused by Covid, so keeping your eyes open is more important now than ever. If you’re involved in an accident it’s important to hire a reputable truck accident lawyer in NYC or a Bronx car accident attorney. Here’s how to go [...]

How to Avoid Summer Driving Hazards

With beaches, outdoor dining, and other amenities opening up, and the thought of flying with recirculated air still daunting, Americans are taking to the roads more than ever this summer. With Covid 19 still rampant and increasing in many areas, it’s important to take prudent steps to protect yourself, such as wearing a mask and avoiding indoor group activities. It’s also important to stay safe on the road by avoiding summer driving hazards that can cause crashes and catastrophic injuries. An experienced Queens, Bronx, Staten Island,  Brooklyn personal injuries attorney can take cases about the most common causes of traffic accidents during the Summer. What Are the Most Common Summer Driving Hazards? You might think that [...]

Can I Sue For Sexual Abuse When I Was A Child?

The answer is yes. The Child Victims Act, passed in 2019, changed the law so that victims of sexual abuse, that are under the age of 55, can sue persons and organizations for child sexual abuse, no matter how long ago it occurred. For example, you could sue a coach that mistreated you at your elementary school in 1970 or a pediatrician that fondled you in 1975. Since the law was enacted, many victims have collected compensation for the abuse they suffered. It’s difficult for victims to tell their story, so the patient kind ear of a woman child injury attorney makes it easier to come forward with your story. Claims must be filed by August, [...]

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Why are Stretch Limos ‘unsafe’?2018-10-16T17:27:44+00:00

After the tragic limousine accident on October 7th, resulting in the death of 20 people in upstate New York, the safety of stretch limos have come to the forefront. This is especially so, following the limousine accident 3 years prior where 4 women, including a bride-to-be, died. So what is it about stretch limousines that render them a potential safety hazard?

Here are some safety concerns pertaining to stretch limousines:

  1. Many stretch limousines are not originally manufactured as stretch limousines– they are instead cars that have been modified to become limousines. The front and rear of the original car is first removed. The body of the car is then extended. The front and rear is then added to the extended body. This modification is not done through the manufacturer but rather by a third party company that has acquired the car sometime down the line. The process that the original car had to go through before being released for purchase (crash experiments, tests, etc) no longer ensure the safety of the limousine since the dimensions of the original car has drastically changed. The stretch limousine that crashed, killing 20 people on October 7th, was a 2001 Ford Excursion meant to sit 9 people. Nearly 20 years later, it seated 18.
  2. When modified, many safety features are removed/no longer apply- When ‘stretching’ a car, features such as side roller over pillars and even airbags are removed, or are no longer able to offer protection.
  3. There are not enough seat belts for each passenger- in addition, because of the culture of drinking and having ‘fun’ in the limousine, people tend to not want to put on seat belts. Seat belts are often seen as ‘too restrictive’ in such a setting. This creates a huge hazard should an accident occur
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Should I Call the Insurance Company After an Accident?2018-07-19T12:52:05+00:00

If you are wondering, “Should I call the insurance company after an accident,?” the answer is yes and no.

You are required to notify your insurance company after an accident.  If you hire an attorney, the attorney can report the accident for you.  Failure to report an accident to your own insurance is a policy violation, putting your coverage at risk.  Failure to report an accident could result in the insurance company denying your entire claim, including defending you in a lawsuit brought against you.

You do not have to, and generally should not contact the other driver’s insurance company.  NEVER give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company.  This is much better handled by an attorney, especially if you are injured.  Any information you provide to the other insurance company can and will be used against you if you bring a claim.  They might ask you about your injuries, which may not have been fully diagnosed, and will use that information to minimize your claim.  It might be tempting to try to settle your property damage claim directly with the other car’s insurance company.  This might be a good idea if the police report clearly puts the fault on the other car, but if the liability is not crystal clear, you could be jeopardizing both your property damage and personal injury claims by speaking to the insurance company.

The safest thing to do is have a consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney before contacting the insurance company.  So, if you are wondering, “Should I call the insurance company after an accident,” call a lawyer.  This way you will be sure that you are doing the right thing in your particular circumstances.

For more information, read the articles below:

Car Accidents

When you’re injured in a car accident – don’t refuse the ambulance!


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What Should I Do After a Car Accident?2018-07-19T12:28:11+00:00

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

If you are wondering “what should I do after a car accident,?” here are some simple steps:

  1. Check the medical condition for yourself and all occupants of the vehicle.
  2. Call 911.
  3. Use your phone to take a photo of the other driver’s identification, insurance information and phone number.
  4. Get the names and numbers for witnesses, if any.
  5. Take pictures of the scene and both vehicles.
  6. Take the ambulance to the hospital with all occupants.
  7. Call Wittenstein & Wittenstein at 718-261-8114.  It’s a good idea to keep your lawyer’s card in your wallet in case you have an accident.

At Wittenstein & Wittenstein we are experienced in handling all types of Traffic Accidents: Drivers and Passengers, Taxi, Uber and Lyft Drivers and Passengers, Pedestrians, Bicyclists, Motorcycles, Trucks, Boats, Planes, Busses, etc.

We Serve all of NYC – Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island, plus Nassau County, Long Island and Westchester.


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Did I Experience Disability Discrimination at Work?2018-10-30T15:37:26+00:00

Disability discrimination occurs when an entity under the scope of the American Disability Act (ADA) , treats a person less favorably than others because of their disability. Discrimination of this kind also occurs if unfavorable treatment is also directed to someone who has a relationship with a person with a disability. An example of this would be denying a husband a job because he has a wife with cerebral palsy.

A disability as defined by the ADA is a physical or mental impairment that significantly hinders an individual’s major life activities, record or history of said impairment, or the belief by other individuals that a person has those impairments. Someone who has an illness that is expected to last 6 months or less, would not be considered disabled.

One of the most common areas where disability discrimination comes up is in the workforce. For a practice to be discriminatory, an individual must be otherwise qualified  for the applicable position. Disability discrimination can occur during the hiring process, at the start of employment or even after one has been with a company for a while. During the actual course of employment it can occur when it comes to promotions, getting approved for time off and/or retirement.  Employers from both the private and public sector, with companies of 15 or more employees are required to follow the rules under Title I of the ADA.

Here are some practices that can be considered discriminatory:

  1. Request that you take an aptitude or a medical test- This will not be seen as discriminatory if everyone else in the company has to take the same test. If you are ‘singled out’ to take an exam, that is when it is an issue
  2. Ask about a disability, or if someone close to you has a disability- An employer is only allowed to ask you about a disability if they’re doing so to better meet any accommodations you may need. On many applications you may also see questions regarding veteran status and any associated disabilities- this is an exception as it is required by federal law. An employer generally should not be asking you about the nature of your disability or the duration of your disability.
  3. Refuse to make reasonable accommodations- If you need accommodations, your employer will need to know about your disability. Otherwise, how can they address your request? Individuals need to be qualified for the position. The employer does not need to provide the accommodation if it will result with the employer experiencing  “undue hardship.”

If you believe, you’ve been subjected to disability discrimination on the job, do not hesitate to contact Wittenstein & Wittenstein. Call today for a free consultation.

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Why Can’t I Get a Personal Injury Lawyer to Take My Case?2019-01-22T17:23:59+00:00


Most personal injury cases are handled with a contingency fee.  This means that the personal injury lawyer is laying out the money to prosecute the case, only getting paid when there is a settlement or a verdict.   For example, if you are involved in a car accident where the other car went through the light, but the other driver is lying and saying you went through the light.  If you are seriously injured, an attorney is likely to be willing to take your case and fight to prove that the accident was the other driver’s fault, but if you have minor injuries and little medical treatment, it wouldn’t be worth it.  On the other hand, if you are hit in the rear by a drunk driver and your injuries don’t seem serious at first, a lawyer might take this case and follow your treatment to see how quickly you heal as it is likely you will be able to collect something with full liability.  That said, it’s always worth it to get a free consultation from a personal injury lawyer to see if they will take the case.  At Wittenstein & Wittenstein we will always take the time to speak with you, and if we can’t take your case, you will completely understand exactly why.


Some types of personal injury cases require a very large investment in time and money, so these cases need to be a “slam dunk” on both liability and damages before an attorney will be willing to make an investment.  The most frustrating scenario for clients is usually with medical malpractice cases, especially when there is ample evidence that the doctors did something wrong.  For example, the doctors did not use the proper procedures at the hospital for a 100-year-old woman, and the woman sadly passed away as a result.  It would still be necessary to hire medical experts (doctors) to prepare testimony, which can cost $10,000-$20,000 at a minimum.  The life expectancy of a person that is 100 hundred years old is zero, and there are obviously no lost earnings, etc.  The problem is that it would cost more to prosecute the case than what can be collected in damages.  Another example of a situation where there are not enough damages to prosecute a medical malpractice case is a young healthy person has a procedure that the doctors does wrong, but a second procedure can fix the problem, and the person recovers completely.  Here, even if it easy to prove that the doctor’s fault, there is not enough money to collect to make back the investment.  If a medical error is egregious and it is not practical to bring a malpractice case, there are sometimes other ways of getting justice.  A complaint can be filed with the Department of Health or the Human Rights Commission.  These non-profit governmental organizations have funding to prosecute in the public interest and can prosecute health care providers, taking away licenses and issuing fines.


Another type of case that is very expensive to prosecute is defamation.  Let’s say a small daycare provider to harassed by somebody calling them a “child molester” which is clearly injurious to their reputation.  Defamation cases are usually not taken on a contingency fee, so it would cost the claimant $300-$400 an hour to pay an attorney to represent them.  It would take years to prosecute this case and meanwhile there is little that could be done to protect the reputation of the daycare.  It would be necessary to prove “damages” in the form of lost earning to the daycare, and a small daycare might not be able to survive this loss long enough for the case to be resolved.  A more effective way to handle this might be to file a criminal complaint for harassment.  If the perpetrator is arrested and convicted of harassment, parents can be advised that the allegations were baseless and in fact, the person making them was arrested for harassment.  This would be a more practical way to put a stop to the defamation and protect the business.


Housing discrimination is another area where public interest organizations can be more effective than a private lawsuit.  New York City’s anti-discrimination laws are very strong, actions can be brought under Federal Law, New York State Law and New York Law.  For example, if you are discriminated against because of race and not shown an apartment by a real estate agent, but you find another apartment the next day.  Even if you can prove the discrimination, there are no damages because you like the apartment that you rented, it’s just as nice as the one you were not shown.  No attorney would take this case on contingency as there is little to no money to collect and nobody’s going to lay out $300-$400 an hour which they will not get back just to make a point.  The solution here is to file a complaint with the New York City Commission on Human Rights, where the lawyers are paid with tax dollars and donations to prosecute discrimination even if there is no money to collect.   There is great protection against many types of discrimination including “families with children,” and transgender persons.


There are many more examples of situations where the cost of the case outweighs what is likely to be collected, but it’s not necessary for you to make this determination yourself.  If it’s always worth it to have a free consultation with a personal injury attorney any time you suspect you might have a case.  The personal injury attorney might be able to suggest another remedy, such as a public interest organization or the police.  At Wittenstein & Wittenstein we will go out of our way to help you even if don’t have a case that we can handle for you, so don’t be shy about contacting us.  Call 718-261-8114 for a free consultation any time you think you might have a case.

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What Can I Do When My Child is Being Bullied at School?2019-01-22T17:22:17+00:00

Parents are very concerned when they ask, “My child is being bullied at school – what can I do?”  There is very much now that can be done, even when a school does not co-operate.  When you tell the school, “My child is being bullied at school,” you may not get much action.  It could be that the school is not aware of their responsibility – they may need to be educated!  There are strong Federal Laws and even stronger New York Laws that require schools to monitor for and eliminate bullying.  It is well-established that bullying can cause depression, anxiety and eating disorders – it can even lead to suicide.

The burden on schools to prevent, notice and eliminate bullying has become very high.  A safe learning environment for all students is now a very high priority in New York, and throughout the country.  Despite the efforts of legislators to put pressure on schools to prevent bullying, it is still up to parents to hold schools responsible when they are lax in eliminating bullying.

There are some factors to consider when you suspect your child is being bullied:

  • Physical abuse is when there is an injury to a child’s a child’s body or to their property
  • Verbal abuse is when there “namecalling” or other types of verbal attacks, out loud or in writing.
  • Social abuse is damage to a child’s relationships or reputation, such as rumors or the intentional exclusion from a group
  • The bullying is more actionable the more often it happens
  • The bullying is more serious if there is a real or perceived power imbalance such as a difference in strength or popularity
  • The bullying causes severe harm, including physical, emotional or psychological harm that requires treatment by a professional


When you file a bullying complaint with your child’s school, be sure to include the following information:

  • What you believe the basis of the bullying is, for example, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, lifestyle, etc.
  • Include a description of the type of bullying, such as verbal, physical, sexual, rumors, social exclusion, cyberbullying (online,) etc.
  • List every person that is involved in the bullying.  Is it teachers, students or other personnel.
  • State where the bullying occurs, is it in school, in the schoolyard, after school or on the bus.
  • State how long it’s been happening
  • Explain the harm that this has caused to your child, physical, emotional or psychological
  • List the names of all the people that the child has complained to.


Racial:  When racial slurs, threatening taunts or other actions are based on the race of a student.

National Origin:  When the harassment is based on a real or perceived belief about where the child or their families members were born.

Sexual Harassment: When students, usually girls, are taunted about the size of their breasts or other sexually related characteristics.

Disability: When a student is harassed about a real or perceived disability and called things such as “retard” or “cripple.”

If you know or suspect that your child is being bullied at school, the first step is to speak to the parents of the likely bully and the school.  If nothing is being done to eliminate the bullying, you may need an experienced Child Injury Attorney to help you.  See our blog article on bullying at school and call us for FREE CONSULTATION.

Our Accident Lawyer Blog

Here you will find a wealth of useful information for victims of negligence, property owners, and safety buffs.  Negligence is carelessness, and when that carelessness causes an injury, a cause of action for compensation can arise.  Learn what you can for yourself and when an accident lawyer can help you.  We respond quickly to all comments, and will gladly take your phone call if you have any questions.  Our phone is answered by a real live human being who will let you know when an attorney is available to speak to you, not just bleep you over to voicemail.  (Occasionally, if we are very, very busy, our voicemail might pick up, but we’ll call you right back.)

Learn how a top accident lawyer can show compassion for your situation and clearly explain all the options.  Please explore our blog and feel free to CONTACT US.




Alyce B. Wittenstein
Alyce B. WittensteinSenior Partner
From Car Accidents to Police Brutality, you can count on Alyce B. Wittenstein, Esq. to go the extra mile.



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What Should I Do If I Have a Bicycle Accident2018-07-19T13:33:08+00:00


If you are wondering, “What should I do if I have a bicycle accident,?” you should call a bicycle accident attorney for advice for your particular circumstances.  Bicycle Accidents are complex.  Insurance coverage for bicyclists is tricky.


Your no-fault benefits should be paid by the car that hit you.  If that vehicle was uninsured, and you have a “car in your household,” the no-fault benefits will be paid by your insurance company (who is not allowed to raise your rates due to this type of claim.)  If there is no insurance at all, there is a state fund called MVAIC that will pay benefits.


Your primary bodily injury claim will be against the vehicle that hit you.  If that car has no insurance, you will have an uninsured motorist claim against your own company (car in the household.)   If there’s no car in the household, MVAIC will cover the loss.

For more information, see our article on Bicycle Accidents.



Alyce Wittenstein has been working on personal injury law cases for over 30 years. She began working as a paralegal for my father, Frederick M. Wittenstein, Esq. in 1988. In 1995 I went to CUNY Law School and was admitted to practice in 1999. In 2000 the name of the firm was changed to Wittenstein & Wittenstein, Esqs as it is today. Now she works with a staff of wonderful paralegals and of-counsel attorneys to bring clients not only the best outcomes, but also the best experience possible during the process.

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What Happens If I Get Into an Accident While Driving a Company Car?2019-01-22T17:24:07+00:00

Although you should generally always follow these steps after a car accident, if you get into a car accident while driving a company car, what happens next largely depends on whether or not you were driving the car while in the course of employment. It is important to note that commuting to and from work typically is not considered as being in the course of employment.

Regardless of who may be at fault, as long as you were not involved in reckless or criminal behavior while operating the company vehicle, you should be able to process a worker’s compensation claim. Worker’s compensation will pay for your medical bills, lost earnings, and will reimburse for any other costs related to getting medical treatment.

If the accident is caused by a negligent driver you will be able to process a bodily injury claim against that driver’s liability insurance. This will account for pain and suffering you went through as a result of the accident. If you are at fault for the accident, you and your employer typically is seen as liable under the legal doctrines of respondeat superior. The commercial liability policy held by the employer would pay out third party damages and will also offer protection if any personal lawsuits are brought against you.

If you are not in the scope of employment at the time of an accident in a company vehicle, the commercial insurance policy may not come into play. This can be particularly challenging if you are at fault for the accident.

If involved in an accident in a company car due to another’s negligence, it is important to reach out to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help see to it that you receive fair recovery for your bodily injury claim, and that your workers compensation claim proceeds smoothly. Having an attorney can especially be helpful when trying to understand the implications of a contract you may have signed regarding use of the company vehicle, prior to the accident.

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What I Should I Do Immediately After a Car Accident?2018-07-21T14:16:20+00:00



Queens Car Accident Lawyer, Wittenstein & Wittenstein has been helping victims of car accidents for over 60 years.  We know that even though more than six million car accidents happen each year, it still comes as a shock when it happens to you. It is an emotional and overwhelming time, but Queens Car Accident Lawyer, Wittenstein & Wittenstein is here to help. Below is a checklist of steps to take immediately following an auto accident:

1. Try to remain calm.
2. If you are injured, stay in your car unless it is unsafe to do so.
3. Wait for the police and medical help.
4. Record all witnesses’ names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as those of any other drivers who were involved.
5. When giving your report of the events for the police report, be sure to confirm whether you were wearing a seatbelt.
6. If you are injured, insist on an ambulance ride to the hospital.
7. Obtain medical treatment immediately, even if you are unsure if you’ve been injured. Tell medical personnel everything that you feel might be physically wrong as a result of the accident.
8. Refrain from accepting legal referrals at hospitals.
9. Do not talk to insurance representatives until you have contacted a lawyer.

Of course, if you are visiting this page, you may have already been in a car accident. If this is the case, Queens Car Accident Lawyer, Wittenstein & Wittenstein can help you seek the justice and compensation you deserve. With over sixty years of experience and a uniquely personalized approach to legal services, we are confident that we can help. Simply call 718-261-8114, and we can be there to help you.



Wittenstein & Wittenstein knows it takes mere seconds for a car accident to change your life. You may have been lucky enough to walk away, but that does not mean you did not have severe medical bills that might still be piling up today. Combine that with the time you may have been forced to stay home from work while rehabilitating, and you have experienced a serious financial loss. Wittenstein & Wittenstein wants to help right this wrong.

Car crashes occur literally almost every second of the day in the United States alone. As you likely know if you are reading this web page, these car accidents, when not fatal, can cause injuries ranging from the minor to the incredibly severe. Wittenstein & Wittenstein understands that car accidents happen to just about everyone, and we want to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve for the injuries you have sustained, no matter how small or large. If you have been injured in a car accident and believe you may be eligible to file a lawsuit, contact us at 718-261-8114 or so we can help you determine what your options are and figure out the best next step for you to take.

What is No-Fault? Simply put, it is a type of insurance that covers certain risks regardless of who is at fault when an accident occurs. If you are involved in an accident where you are not at fault, your own insurance must pay for your medical bills. The “No-Fault” name is based on the idea that even though, for example, someone else rear-ended your car while you were stopped at an intersection, your own insurance carrier is the party who must pay the fees for the ambulance, hospital, rehabilitation, and any other medical needs stemming from the incident. This may even extend to financial losses resulting from the injured party’s inability to go to work. However, it is the primary goal of No-Fault insurance to make sure that your health is taken care of without consideration to who is responsible for the accident.

It is important to remember that No-Fault insurance does not cover vehicular damage, only medical bills. Instead, it is the party at fault who may be legally held responsible for paying to fix your vehicle. Additionally, keep in mind that No-Fault has its limits: policies are only required to pay up to $50,000 for legitimate losses.



The following is important information you should know about the way No-Fault works in New York State:

  • In order to qualify for No-Fault benefits, you must file a No-Fault application (form NF-2) with the insurance carrier of the car you were in.
  • If you were a pedestrian, you should send the No-Fault application form to both the insurance carrier of the car that hit you and the insurance carrier of a car that you own (if you own a car).
  • No-Fault does have time constraints. If you are in an accident, it is especially important to file for the No-Fault Application immediately. You have thirty (30) days from the date of the auto accident to file the form.
  • Don’t put it off thinking that your injuries may get better or that your health insurance will cover the accident. Filing the application does not obligate you to commence a claim. Most health insurance does not cover personal injury resulting from a car accident, so filing the form is a matter of protecting your rights.
  • Make sure that you send the form to the correct insurance company. Even if the accident was the other car’s fault, the No-Fault Application gets sent to the insurance carrier for the car you were in.
  • If you have difficulty getting information from an uncooperative driver, get a copy of the police report. This should have a three digit code which will tell you the insurance carrier. If you still cannot find the insurance company, the new regulations do allow you to provide written proof of a “clear or reasonable” reason for missing the deadline. However, the insurance company is the party that decides if your reasons are sound, so it is not wise to bank on a late application being successful.
  • Send a notice right away to the New York State Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation (MVAIC) if you are having trouble filing. MVAIC is a state run agency which steps into the shoes of the insurance company where there is no insurance. If you find out the identity of the insurance company after you file with MVAIC, you may always withdraw your claim. However, much like insurance companies, MVAIC will not pay without a fight.
  • If you are claiming lost earnings and out of pocket expenses, save all your receipts for car service, personal assistance, etc. and make sure that your employer sends in proof of your wages, disability and loss of income within ninety (90) days of the accident. Under No-Fault you are entitled to receive 80% of your accident-related lost earnings up to $2000 a month paid over a maximum of three years.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding No-Fault regulations and believe you may be eligible to file under No-Fault, please contact us at 718-261-8114 or so we can best assess your options and help you plan your next step.

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Is Workers Compensation the Exclusive Remedy for Construction Accidents?2019-01-22T20:15:40+00:00


If you are wondering, “Is Workers Compensation the exclusive remedy for constructions accidents,?” the answer is that sometimes there are additional ways to collect compensation.


  • Grave Injuries – Applies to catastrophic injuries sustained in an accident.  This provision has been interpreted very narrowly by the New York Courts, denying a lawsuit to a worker that lost part of all the fingers of one hand, ruling that it must be the “entire finger,” to qualify as an exception to exclusive remedy.
    • death;
    • permanent and total loss of use or amputation of an arm, leg, hand or foot;
    • loss of multiple fingers;
    • loss of multiple toes;
    • paraplegia or quadriplegia;
    • total and permanent blindness;
    • total and permanent deafness;
    • loss of nose;
    • loss of ear;
    • permanent and severe facial disfigurement;
    • loss of an index finger; or
    • an acquired injury to the brain caused by an external physical force resulting in permanent total disability.
  • Intentional Conduct – The employer does something to intentionally harm the worker.  The New York courts have interpreted this exception narrowly as well.  The employer must have actually wanted the worker to be hurt and did something to hurt this particular worker.  No degree of recklessness would suffice.  There are provisions under the Labor Law that would apply to unsafe conditions.


  1. The Scaffold Law, limited to construction workers, allows lawsuits against employers when injured was caused by a defect in a safety device, “at an elevation.”  This doesn’t mean that you need to be 1,000 feet up in the air.  Courts have upheld the use of a ladder for meeting the requirement of “at an elevation,” but it must be a problem with the ladder that caused the fall.  It’s not enough just to be high up, the fall must be “caused by gravity.”  The right to sue was denied to a worker who hurt is back to due to the design of a harness used at the top of a skyscraper, because the injury was not from falling.  You could sue if you were hit by debris caused by malfunctioning devices “at an elevation, but not because your co-workers dropped their water bottle on you.
  2. Labor law will also allow some suits based on an unsafe work site


  1. If the injury was caused, at least in part, by the acts or omissions of somebody not employed by the company, such a delivery person, a lawsuit can commence against that person and/or entity.


  1. If the injury was caused, at least in part, by a defect in a product, a product liability claim would be allowable.

I doubt you’re still wondering, “Is Worker’s Compensation the Exclusive Remedy for Construction Accidents,” but you might have some follow-up questions.  Feel free to give us a call at 718-261-8114.

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Should I File a Lawsuit?2019-01-22T17:25:58+00:00



Should I File a Lawsuit

When you ask “Should I file a lawsuit?”, you have lots of factors to consider. There is the money, the time, the energy, and of course, the case itself. How can you determine whether you have a legitimate lawsuit on your hands? Wittenstein & Wittenstein, with our highly qualified attorneys and years of experience, can help you decide whether filing a suit is the right choice for you to make.

Here are a few things to consider before deciding whether to file a lawsuit:

  • Many people are under the impression that trials are only about determining guilt vs. innocence. This is not always the case. Lawsuits are not about differentiating the good guy from the bad guy; they are about determining what has been lost and what if any compensation is deserved for these losses.
  • When an incident occurs, there may be a dispute between the parties involved. This is where litigation comes in: Lawsuits are a way to get an impartial assessment of damages and fault.
  • Lawsuits are often lengthy. Wittenstein & Wittenstein is confident we have the patience and experience to see you through. Make sure this is something you, too, are willing to commit to.
  • Lawsuits filed through Wittenstein & Wittenstein are done on a contingency basis.
  • You do not need to be a citizen [link to filing w/green card, visa, etc] to file a lawsuit.
  • Wittenstein & Wittenstein will always prepare for the full trial, but keep in mind that 99% of all lawsuits we have dealt with have ended in a settlement and have not gone to trial.

If you believe you may be eligible to file a lawsuit, we hope you will contact us at 718-261-8114 or so that we can assist you in determining your options and taking the next step.

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What Should I Do If My Child is Injured?2019-01-22T17:25:33+00:00





If you are wondering “What should I do if my child is injured, ” the first thing to do is get your child medical care.  You must figure which insurance will apply so that your child can get care immediately.  Once the injuries are being addressed, its time to consider whether the injuries were preventable had proper care been taken.  Consider whether the child was injured in:

  1. A Traffic Accident – pedestrian, passenger or bicyclist
  2. Using an unsafe product – a dangerous toy, a harsh soap, etc.
  3. An unsafe condition – poor lighting, a crack in the sidewalk, a swimming pool with no lifeguard or a poorly trained guard.
  4. Medical Malpractice – The care received did not help the child, worsened the child’s condition or failure to correctly diagnose the child.
  5. Other types of negligence


The best way to know for sure if you can sue to recover damages for your child’s injuries is to call an experienced personal injury lawyer and discuss the facts of the case.   When a child is involved, things that seem like the child’s fault may actually be something an adult should be responsible for preventing.  For example, New York Law requires a four-foot fence around pools.  If a homeowner doesn’t have a fence the law calls this an “attractive nuisance,” and the owner is responsible if a child trespasses on their property and hurts themselves in their pool.  Another example is a child crossing the street between cars on their way to school, (along with 100 other kids going to that school at that time.)  A driver would be expected to notice that the streets are full of kids and take extra care.  So, if you are wondering, “What should I do if my child is injured,” a good start is to consult with an attorney that specializes in injuries to children.  There may be more that can be done than you think.

Please feel free to call us for a FREE CONSULTATION to find out if you have a case for injuries to your child.  Call 718-261-8114 for an appointment.

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What Is Negligence?2019-01-22T17:25:16+00:00


Queens Slip and Fall Attorney NYC

If you are wondering, “What is Negligence,?” you should know that it is when somebody caused harm accidentally, by not being careful enough, not taking proper precautions or by breaking rules and regulations.

Wittenstein & Wittenstein knows from extensive legal experience that life-changing injuries can happen in a split second.  Our Personal Injury Attorneys at our Queens office are experts at helping victims of negligence.  An experienced Personal Injury Lawyer can get you the compensation you deserve, and a Personal Injury Attorney that knows the turf can get even better results.  Wittenstein & Wittenstein has been handling negligence cases in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island and Nassau County for over 60 years.  The grandchildren of our clients come to us because we get them great verdicts and settlements, and also because they know we really care.

Here’s an example of negligence, and there are many more.  Jane lives in an apartment where steam heat pipes are used to warm the building in the winter. These pipes are placed in every room of the apartment in lieu of regular radiators. However, this type of steam heat piping – which can reach scalding temperatures and cannot be controlled by the tenants – is often justify uncovered by property managers. On this particular morning, Jane stepped out of the shower and put on a towel just like she does every day. But this time she had the misfortune of grazing her arm against the pipe as she wrapped the towel around her to dry off, and the pipe instantaneously justify a large second-degree burn near her elbow that is both disfiguring and painful, so much so that the range of motion in her arm is limited until it heals. But still after it heals, it will scar, leaving behind an ugly blemish that will last the rest of her life. And she realizes that no, the property manager did not push her into the pipe, nor did he intentionally hold Jane’s arm against it. However, the property manager is still at fault for neglecting to do his job by preventing these kinds of horrible and completely avoidable accidents from happening. This pipe needed only to have an inexpensive protective cover to have saved Jane from suffering.

And this is only a mild example of the kinds of neglect that cause serious harm to people. If you believe you or someone you love has incurred an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation, and Wittenstein & Wittenstein wants to come to the rescue. While we do regret your loss, we also hope you will call us at 718-261-8114 to find out what your options are and figure out the best next step in seeking justice.

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Forest Hills Accident Injury Lawyer.

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How Common Are Construction Accidents in NYC?2018-12-20T20:24:57+00:00

Despite New York’s passage of more stringent construction worker safety laws, lack of employer compliance still leads to an alarming amount of avoidable accidents.  The NYC Department of Buildings reports that last August, a worker was seriously injured when a piece of plywood was used to conceal a hole, instead of repairing it.  This happened 56 floors above the ground, and the worker is lucky to be alive. Sadly, this is happening all the time as employers fail to implement safety protocols.  Construction safety in New York City can only be improved with both laws and enforcement.

In October, 2017 Local Law 196 was passed, but the City is not doing an adequate job with enforcement.  The most important aspect of the new law was training, but the Department of Buildings keeps delaying the date requiring full compliance.  This destroys the entire intent of the bill as people are still dying because they do not know how to put on a harness correctly!

The Mayor’s “management report” states that there are two construction accidents a day in New York City – 744 a year!  This includes both small injuries and fatalities such as the worker that was killed in a building collapse accident last September.  The total number of injuries keeps increasing steadily. There were only 212 injuries reported for the entire year just five years ago.

This increase is being attributed to fraud and inadequate training.  Another ploy is the extensive use of “fake OSHA certifications,” that was reported on by the Daily News, NBC, and other media.  The 10-hour training class costs more than $100 and a day without working is a big hit from a worker, and with fake certificates widely available, the temptation is huge.  Another ruse is “online training,” as it is widely known that office workers often take the training for an entire crew.

Hopefully, the Mayor will improve construction safety in New York City with more enforcement to protect workers.  

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What is a Wrongful Death Lawyer?2019-01-22T17:21:27+00:00

new york wrongful death lawyer


A New York wrongful death lawyer is a personal injury lawyer that has the expertise to handle cases where injuries are fatal.  It must be shown that that carelessness and reckless caused the fatality.  These cases are complicated and deadlines can be short.  If somebody you care about was lost due to negligence, you should consult with a New York wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible.  The Statute of Limitations is shorter for wrongful death claims that for other negligence actions.

New York Wrongful Death Lawyer, Wittenstein & Wittenstein, has been helping families in their time of need for over 60 years.  We are experts at obtaining the maximum amount of compensation, and will also do everything possible to make your comfortable in this time of need.  If you are facing the loss of a breadwinner, lost earnings can be paid so that the family will be able to continue paying its mortgage and other expenses.

Nobody can bring your loved one back, but financial compensation will at least enable the family to survive this crisis.  It won’t help you to wait, there are limits on filing and investigations that should be done as soon as possible.  Please feel free to call us for a free consultation.  We will answer all your questions and address all your concerns.