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  • TAXI DRIVERS   Some types of taxi drivers are covered by Worker’s Compensation, such as drivers for fleets.  Owner/Drivers are usually not covered.  It’s a good idea to check with a workers compensation lawyer who can investigate your coverage.
  • SLIP AND FALL  When you are injured in a slip and fall at work, you cannot sue your employer unless you meet the exceptions below.  If you are seriously injured, you will need the help of a workers compensation lawyer to get you the benefits you are entitled to under Workers Compensation Law.
  • CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENTS  Due to the inherently dangerous nature of construction work, Worker’s Compensation law provides additional compensation in many cases.  If you are seriously injured in a construction accident, you should call a workers compensation attorney immediately.



permanent, total loss of use or amputation of arm, leg, hand or foot;

loss of multiple fingers or toes;

loss of index finger;

paraplegia or quadriplegia;

total, permanent blindness or deafness;

loss of nose or ear;

permanent, severe facial disfigurement; and

acquired brain injury related to physical force that results in permanent and total disability.

An experienced workers compensation lawyer will be able to apply the facts to the law and tell you whether or not your injury meets the standard for these exceptions.


There is another exception primarily intended for Construction Accidents.  In New York, this is referred to as The Scaffold Law(NYS Labor Law sections 240/241), which allows workers injured by elevated falls to hold general contractors and property owners “absolutely liable” for their injuries, regardless of the employee’s own negligence or mistake, no matter how obvious or serious.  The intention of the law is an incentive for employers to make workplaces are safer as possible, but business interests protest the cost of these safety precautions as an impediment to business growth.


When you have an accident at work you should also consult a Personal Injury Attorney  to investigate whether, in addition to Workers Compensation Benefits, it is possible to sue a “third party” whose negligence was at least in part responsible for your injuries.  In some cases, it’s obvious, such as a taxi driver hit in the rear by another vehicle.  Clearly, the driver can sue the driver that caused the traffic accident.  If a delivery person drops a box on you, causing you to fall, you can sue HIS employer for his negligence.  Sometimes it’s not clear at first whether a third party is responsible.  For example, when a machinist is injured it may be due to poor maintenance of the machine by an outside contractor who could be sued for negligence.  That’s why you should seek a consultation with a workers compensation attorney and a personal injury attorney to know all your rights.


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