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Alyce B. Wittenstein
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Even though women now represent about 50% of law school graduates, there are very few women personal injury lawyers, even though it is well-established that many accident victims prefer a woman attorney.  Accident victims feel more comfortable with women lawyers because they tend to be more sensitive and empathetic.   Women who have suffered disfiguring injuries are less self-conscious showing these injuries to another woman, and discussing them with her.  Men are also more comfortable with women attorneys, who they feel pay “motherly” attention to them, in ways that men do not tend to do.

If you are looking for a New York City woman accident attorney, you make sure that the lawyer you choose has enough experience with personal injury law, so that your case is handled properly and resolved as quickly as possible.  It is equally important that the firm handling the case is well-established and has a good reputation.  Insurance companies feel more pressure to offer a large settlement when an accident victim is represented by a prestigious law firm.

Residents of Queens are lucky to have Wittenstein & Wittenstein, a sixty-year-old Personal Injury Law Firm located in a beautiful Forest Hills townhouse, with free parking on the premises.  Senior Partner Alyce B. Wittenstein, Esq. is a Queens woman personal injury attorney with vast experience with many types of accidents cases.  She is also highly recognized as an excellent communicator who will explain everything about your case in a way that you will understand.  Her office is well staffed and all the cases are kept up to date.

If you are looking for a woman injury lawyer, a woman accident lawyer in New York City or a Queens personal injury lawyer, this is the place to go.

Studies have shown that women are also superior negotiators, achieving better settlements and verdicts.  If you have been injured in an accident, from medical malpractice or have had your civil rights violated, I can help you get what you deserve.

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