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The trend towards deregulation, repealing safety regulations and reducing enforcement, is causing the incidence of serious injuries to workers in construction accidents to skyrocket.   

When legislation is weakened, Personal Injury Attorneys can pick up the slack by holding employers liable for their failure to take proper safety precautions. It is important to every worker to know their rights if they are injured on the job.  Construction Accidents are complicated litigation as can involve multiple defendants and multiple causes of action. This isn’t a job for rookie lawyers! You need attorneys with decades of experience handling construction accidents to get you the compensation you deserve.  An experienced power tool accident lawyer knows exactly how to handle your case.  Construction Accidents often involve the use or misuse of power tools which can cause catastrophic injuries and fatalities on work sites.  Proper training in the use of power tools can prevent most injuries. Proper maintenance can prevent many more. Sadly, many employers are cutting corners and the incidence of power tool accidents is rising.


Nail Guns  

When nail guns are not used properly, workers can be impaled in the foot, hand, and limbs.  Sometimes they can be blinded by an unexpected discharge of a nail. Worker’s require adequate safety equipment and an uncluttered space to use nail guns safely.

Power Sanders

The use of power sanders safely requires the use of respirators so that workers do not inhale the dust.  Failure to provide respirators can cause serious short term and long term injuries to workers. The site must also have proper ventilation and exhaust fans.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) specifies many safety requirement for the use of drills, including the directive that they are equipt with “pressure switches,” so that they automatically turn off when pressure is released.  When employers save money by failing to provide proper drills or to maintain the ones they have, workers can be injured and employers and others can be held liable.


There are many types of saw used on construction sites: Chainsaws, reciprocating saws, hand-held power saws, and table saws.  This machinery requires specific training for each type of machine. When these tools are used by inexperienced and/or untrained workers, accidents are common, and can be deadly.  These machines must also be equipt with automatic shut-offs. Regular maintenance of the tools is also of great importance, as the blades must be routinely inspected for wear.

Power Spray Paint  

When spray paint is used without proper respirators and eye protection, the consequences can be serious for workers.  These machines “atomize” paints and fluids which can cause respiratory illnesses and blindness when entering the eye.

Grinding Machines and Polishing Tools  

These machines must be scrupulously inspected and maintained on a daily basis.  When proper training is not provided for the use and inspection of these machines, severe abrasions and other injuries are likely to result.  These tools pose a great danger of producing flying particles which can be dangerous to the worker and also to others in the area.

Electrical Tools  

Any tool powered by electricity can shock, burn or electrocute a worker.  That’s why all tools must be frequently inspected regularly. Small shocks have the potential to cause a loss of consciousness, which can lead to a fall.

Hand Tools  

Without proper training even the use of basic tools such as scissors, knives, hammers, axes, and screwdrivers can pose a risk.  If these tools are dropped from an elevation, they can pose a serious risk.


Injured construction workers are entitled to collect medical costs and lost income from Workers Compensation, even if they are working “off the books” or they are “undocumented.”  In some cases, such as a fall from a height, the employer can be sued for additional compensation.  There are also “third parties” that may have negligent that can be sued to collect additional compensation.  Some examples are:


Tools must be manufactured with a safe design, the correct materials and they must also be labeled with appropriate warnings as to any known dangers.  When a manufacturer fails to do this, a product liability claim arises which can be brought on behalf of the injured worker by a construction accident attorney.


Even if you don’t meet an exception that allows you to sue your employer, third-party contractors can be sued when they a liable for your injuries caused by an unsafe work site.  If proper inspections of equipment were not done, if proper training was not employed or defective tools were used, a claim can be made against contractors and sub-contractors.

Owners of Property

New York Labor Law can hold a property owner liable for failure to provide a safe work site for construction workers.  When the project owners fail to ensure a safe work site sue to inadequate or improper training, failure to inspect equipment, or other negligence, they can be held liable.

If you are the victim of a serious or catastrophic injury from a construction accident, worker’s compensation does not provide adequate compensation in and of itself.  A lawsuit against manufacturers, contractors and property owners can provide much more. Legal action will also help other workers by holding those responsible accountable, and have an incentive to improve their safety practices.


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