How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents in New York City

New York City is installing more bike lanes each year with the goal of reducing congestion from motor vehicle traffic. With ample bike lanes throughout the city, more people are ditching their cars and using their bikes to get around. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a steady increase in the number of bike accidents that take place each year. This is caused in part by the influx of new riders that are less familiar with riding in the City’s dense traffic and the false sense of security that bike lanes provide. That’s why the best Queens and Brooklyn traffic accident attorneys warn to take extra precautions when you use your bike to get around. Here are some tips prove top accident attorneys in Queens:

Top Accident Attorneys in Queens Advise How to Protect Yourself on the Road

Bicycles may seem less dangerous than motorcycles because they don’t go very fast, but when you’re driving amidst vehicular traffic, your body is still very vulnerable. The most important safety precaution is always wearing a helmet when you ride your bike. When driving at night, wearing light colored or reflective gear and attaching reflective strips to your bike can help drivers spot you more quickly, avoiding collisions. Remember, if you are ejected from your bike, your body will make contact with the road, so it’s wise to wear long pants, closed shoes and gloves when riding in the city to avoid severe skin abrasions.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Every Queens and Brooklyn traffic accident attorney has their own sad story about a bike rider that was catastrophically injured while driving the wrong way down the street. Sadly, too many bike riders think that because they can’t be ticketed or lose their license, they don’t have to respect the rules of the road. This means coming to a full stop at red lights and stop signs and yielding where appropriate. It’s also important to remember that some drivers are not used to bike lanes and may open their doors or cross into bike lanes to turn. Following the rules also means never riding your bike under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Be on the Lookout for Road Defects

More than half of serious bike accidents are one bike accidents caused by defects on the road. One of the best ways to avoid this type of accident is to bike slowly never take your eyes off the road in front of you. Deep potholes, uncovered manholes, construction debris and other defects on the road can be deadly to bike riders caught off guard.

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