How To Stay Safe on The Road During the Holidays

Are you planning for a road trip with your family this holiday season? There are few things more memorable than spending travelling for the holidays with your family, but it’s important to take precautions so that your time on the road doesn’t turn into a nightmare. The risks of bad weather, heavy traffic and encountering drunk or reckless drivers will always be there, but there are things you can do to minimize your risk of having a serious accident on the road. Wittenstein & Wittenstein has been the top Queens car accident attorney and leading truck accident attorney in NYC for more than sixty years, so we know what causes crashes and how to prevent them.

Queens Car Accident Attorney’s Avoidance Strategies

  • Reduce Speed Under Adverse Conditions
    • Driving below the speed limit is a must to avoid paying heavy fines for infractions, but there are times when driving near the speed limit is too dangerous. Rain can reduce traction and make it more difficult to see, so driving at least ten miles under the speed limit is prudent. In icy or snowy weather, further reducing your speed could save your life and in whiteout conditions, driving extremely slowly or pulling off the road altogether is advisable.
  • Never Drive Under The Influence
    • If you have an alcoholic beverage or smoke marijuana you should wait at least an hour before getting on the road. Drivers that are planning on drinking more heavily, or end up doing so, should ask somebody else to drive, stay over or call a taxi. Passengers should be willing to speak up and refuse to get a car that will be operated by somebody under the influence.
  • Avoid Distractions
    • We all know the dangers of texting while driving, but other distractions can be almost as dangerous. Never groom, eat, or take off a jacket while driving and pull over if you need to care for your children.
  • Maintain Your Vehicle Properly
    • Before you head onto the road for a long trip, make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape. Get the brakes checked, the oil changed and make sure you have plenty of gas in case you get stuck in traffic.

How Top Truck Accident Lawyers in NYC Prevent Accidents

Truck accidents cause the most severe and catastrophic injuries, so it’s wise to take additional precautions to avoid this type of crash. The top truck accident lawyer in NYC knows that the best way to avoid truck accidents is to avoid highways with commercial traffic. For example, you can take the Grand Central Parkway instead of the Long Island Expressway. If you have no choice about your roadway, try to stay out of the way of trucks, passing them carefully.

Wittenstein & Wittenstein is the leading truck accident lawyer in NYC, helping people prevent accidents and getting them justice when they are injured in a crash. Call 718-261-8114 for a free consultation.

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