How To Find The Best Accident Lawyer

Everybody always wants to hire the best. This is true when you’re looking for a doctor, lawyer, accountant, plumber, electrician or babysitter. The challenge is how to define the “best.” When my daughter wanted to go to a sleep away camp, I asked my friends to recommend the “best” camp. My daughter hated it because they didn’t play sports enough there. I asked my friend, and she said her daughter hates sports, that’s what she loved about the camp – very little sports. So, if you’re looking for the best accident lawyer in Forest Hills, it’s important to give some thought to what’s important to you.

Do You Like To Be Informed?

I’m the kind of person that always likes to be informed, so I tend to assume that others feel that way, too. That said, some people just want to sign on the dotted line and be told what to do, and don’t have the patience to listen to detailed information about their case and applicable laws. There are many large firms that will email you papers to take to a notary and sign after speaking to you for a couple of minutes and never meeting you. If you want information about your case, you’ll have to bombard them with calls and emails to get their attention. If you want more attention, you’re better off with a boutique firm, preferably one that’s run by a woman that enjoys talking to you and explaining things that come up during the life of your case. Having more information is often a key component in maximizing the value of your case, but some firms have so many cases that they don’t really care how yours turned out. The best lawyers in Forest Hills will make sure you understand how your decisions will impact your case. For example, New York’s Serious Injury Threshold Law lists “90 days out of the first 180 days of missed employment” as a criteria for a serious injury. The best lawyers in Forest Hills will make sure you understand this before you go back to work 85 days after your accident. If you like to be informed, be sure you choose a lawyer that enjoys communicating. That’s one of the major reasons why Wittenstein & Wittenstein is the best accident lawyer in Forest Hills.

Do You Demand The Best Medical Care?

If you’ve never had a car accident, you might not be aware that you must find doctors and therapists that accept “no-fault” insurance to treat with, rather than your health insurance. It’s not so easy to find great doctors that accept this coverage, but the best accident lawyers in Forest Hills can help you find great doctors and therapists that take this insurance. No-fault insurance has some great perks like no pre-authorizations, no co-payments and no deductibles, but it’s usually only $50,000 of coverage, with your lost earnings coming that same pot, so if you’re severely injured you’ll need to use your health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare of some other applicable form of payment once it’s used up. If you or a loved one has suffered severe or catastrophic injuries from an accident, having the best attorney in Forest Hills is even more important. In order to get your life back, you’re going to need state of the art treatment that only a very large settlement or verdict will enable. With enough resources, you’ll be able to treat with the top doctors in the field that operate out of the best hospitals and work with the highest rated rehabilitation centers. A very large settlement or verdict can get you home health care so you spend less time in an institutional setting. Accommodations to your home and vehicle can you become more independent,  more quickly and advances in prosthetics can enable many people to walk again after losing a limb. If you want access to the best doctors after an accident, the place to start is with hiring the best accident lawyer in Forest Hills.

The Best Accident Lawyer In Forest Hills

Wittenstein & Wittenstein has been serving the community for more than sixty years with a tradition of excellence that’s unparalleled. If you’re looking to retain the best accident lawyer in Forest Hills, call 718-261-8114 to schedule a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

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