What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are two basic types of attorneys – criminal and civil. Criminal attorneys prosecute and defend clients for criminal cases. There are many types of civil law including matrimonial, commercial, will and estates and personal injury law. Personal injury law encompasses a wide range of matters that are pursued by injured plaintiffs against defendants that have caused them harm. The lion’s share of personal injury lawyers in NYC handle car accidents, slip and fall, animal attacks and other common types of accident cases, but some negligence lawyers in Queens also handle more sophisticated claims. If you’ve been seriously injured by somebody else’s negligence, recklessness or intentional act, it’s always worthwhile to speak to a personal injury attorney in NYC to find out if you have an actionable case.

Contingency Fees and Free Consultations

The big corporations and their stockholders want you to believe that asserting your right to compensation is something to be embarrassed about because it cuts into their profits. The reality is that injuries can mean large amounts of out of pocket medical expenses, loss of time from work and have an impact on your entire family’s financial future. The billionaires will try to convince you that asserting your rights might cause your insurance rates to go up in the future, but most injured people are better off collecting the thousands, hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of dollars they are entitled to now, rather than worrying about high rates in the future. Most personal injury attorneys handle cases on contingency fees, so you won’t have to pay legal fees unless and until you collect money. Free consultations are offered to discuss whether it’s worthwhile to bring an action and personal injury attorneys in NYC have no incentive to talk you into bringing a frivolous case because the attorney is responsible for paying all costs of litigation. That’s why you can count on negligence lawyers in Queens to provide you with honest advice about the worthiness of your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer in NYC

Finding the right personal injury lawyer in NYC for the particular type of case you have can sometimes be difficult. Most negligence lawyers in Queens handle car accidents, slip and fall cases, food poisoning, inadequate security and other mainstream types of cases, but medical malpractice, product liability and civil rights cases usually require a specialist in this area. Most personal injury lawyers in NYC can refer you to a specialist if it’s not the type of case their office handles. That’s why it’s always worth a call to a reputable personal injury in NYC to determine whether you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t bring make a case.


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