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Since the New York State legislature passed The Child Victims Act in January, 2019 victims of child abuse have been successfully bringing claims for abuse that occurred when they children. The Act extended long expired statute of limitations, allowing victims one year to sue their abusers for acts that were committed decades ago. The deadline for filing claims under the original act was August 14th, 2020, but the NY Legislature voted last Spring to extend until August 14th, 2021. This means that victims Dr. Robert Hadden has only 226 days left to file an action against him for sexual exploitation and abuse carried out while providing medical treatments. If you were abused by Dr. Robert Hadden, it’s important to contact an experienced sexual abuse claim attorney as soon as possible. Wittenstein & Wittenstein is top sexual abuse claim attorney in Queens. Call 718-261-8114 to speak to an experienced and compassionate female attorney about making a claim to sue Dr. Robert Hadden

Time Is Running Out To Sue Abuser Dr. Robert Hadden

Many women have started actions against Dr. Robert Hadden, New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center since the Act went into effect. He’s been accused of fondling, licking, inappropriately touching and or completing acts of intercourse with penetration while he was supposed to be delivering health care. He has been accused of engaging in this behavior with patients for more than twenty years, but few had come forward until the Child Victims Act made it possible recently. Victims of sexual abuse feel humiliated and find it difficult to come forward during the time limits. That’s why legislation such as The Child Victims Act that allows people to sue abusers like Dr. Robert Hadden is so important. 

Once a Lowlife, Still a Lowlife

Considering how disgusting the behavior he’s been accused of is, it’s not surprising that this former Columbia University gynecologist has the unmitigated gall to request a public defender, claiming he’s poverty stricken. He thought he’d be able to get away with convincing Judge Richard Berman to accept his handwritten, unsigned form where he claims he has only $145,000 in cash and no substantial assets. Judge Berman dismissed his request, calling the evidence he presented “woefully inadequate.” It’s no shocker than inquiry by the court revealed a hasty attempt to disavow his million dollar inheritance and to transfer all his other money to his wife and daughter. Hadden had already pleaded guilty in 2016 to performing acts with no valid medical purpose on two patients which cost him his medical license but did not result in jail time.  With new charges being filed, it remains a mystery why he was given such minimal punishment on the former charges. According to a press release from the Southern District of New York, he is now being charged with “enticing and inducing six victims to travel interstate to engage in illicit sexual activity.” The indictment that was unsealed on September 9th, 2020 alleges that between 1993 and 2012, he “sexually abused dozens of women and girls during OB/Gyn examinations for his own sexual gratification.” If you were one of his victims, you should contact the FBI to assist in the investigation and make a claim against Dr. Robert Hadden and the hospitals he was affiliated with before August 14th, 2021. Call Wittenstein & Wittenstein at 718-261-8114 to speak to a caring woman attorney about making a claim.

Dr. Hadden Gained The Trust Of His Victims

Many of Dr. Hadden’s victims were teenage girls and young women that were too embarrassed to share their experiences. He would develop a relationship with his victims prior to engaging in conduct that became increasingly abusive, with far fetched explanations for why the conduct was medically necessary. The criminal charges against Dr. Hadden described how he would perform breast exams that involved caressing, groping, pinching and twisting a victim’s breasts and nipples, sometimes conducting more than one breast exam at a visit. During pelvic exams he would touch a victim’s clitoris, labia, vagina and anus without a medical purpose, sometimes licking a victim’s vagina. The Child Victims Act Allows his now middle aged victims to get justice for what was done to them when they were young and too afraid to come forward. If you are a victim of Dr. Robert Hadden, you have less than a year to come forward and make a claim.

Making a Claim Helps Other Victims

If you’re not sure whether you feel comfortable coming forward with embarrassing details of how you were abused, it’s important to remember that your testimony will support other victims. The more women that come forward the same and similar stories, the more credible they all become. If you’ve been a victim of sexual abuse by Dr. Robert Hadden, coming forward will help get justice not just for you, but for the many other women he’s abused, including girls that were only twelve or thirteen when they were subjected to sexual abuse. Wittenstein & Wittenstein can help you bring a claim. Call 718-261-8114 to speak to a sensitive and concerned woman attorney about getting justice for what you endured at the hands of Dr. Robert Hadden.


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