Professional Driver FAQ – Frequently asked questions about rights and responsibilities for taxi drivers, uber drivers, lyft drivers, livery drivers, truck drivers, bus drivers and all other professional drivers. Questions are answered concerning accidents, getting medical bills paid, collecting lost earnings, compensation for pain and suffering. There are many ways to collect compensations for professional drivers. If the driver was working at the time, their first party benefits are paid by workers compensation, otherwise they are usually paid by no-fault. Property damage claims are discussed, including how to collect for your property damage when you don’t have collision insurance (full-coverage.) These personal injury FAQ answer questions for professional drivers and have useful information even if the driver has not been in an accident. In New York, there is no-fault and sometimes, especially if it is the driver and owner of a taxi the benefits are paid by no-fault. It’s always best to get a consultation with an attorney to know all your rights.

How Can I Make the Most Money as a Ride-Hailing Driver?

Yellow taxi drivers are suffering from competition from ride-hailing apps, and joining there ranks in droves.  Drivers for ride-hailing services don't have to pay a fleet on a weekly or daily basis to rent a cab, but they do have to lay out substantial amounts of money to lease, clean and insure late model vehicles. 

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