How to Avoid Summer Driving Hazards

With beaches, outdoor dining, and other amenities opening up, and the thought of flying with recirculated air still daunting, Americans are taking to the roads more than ever this summer. With Covid 19 still rampant and increasing in many areas, it’s important to take prudent steps to protect yourself, such as wearing a mask and avoiding indoor group activities. It’s also important to stay safe on the road by avoiding summer driving hazards that can cause crashes and catastrophic injuries. An experienced Queens, Bronx, Staten Island,  Brooklyn personal injuries attorney can take cases about the most common causes of traffic accidents during the Summer.

What Are the Most Common Summer Driving Hazards?

You might think that Winter weather would be the most treacherous season for driving, but that’s not true. Statistically, most car accidents happen in the Summer. Even though snow and ice can cause cars to skid, most drivers are on alert when driving in these conditions, making accidents less common. The following hazards that occur in the Summer make this the most accident prone time of the year:

  • Drunk Driving
  • Thunderstorms
  • Stop and Go Highway Traffic
  • Inexperienced Drivers

Awareness of these hazards and proactive approaches to avoiding accidents can help you avoid being a victim of a Summer car crash.

Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Avoid Drunk Driving Accidents

Summer BBQ’s and other outdoor activities often involve drinking alcohol for many hours without paying much attention to how much is consumed. Drinking alcohol can have a greater impact on the ability to drive when combined with grogginess from sun exposure and dehydration. That’s why it’s important to make sure that somebody is selected to be a designated driver on the way home from the activity or that public transportation or a ride share is utilized instead of driving. Even if the driver of your vehicle is sober, drunk drivers can make an accident more likely if you’re on the road when most people are driving home. For example, prime time for families to drive home from the beach is from 4-6pm, so waiting until a little later might make the ride much safer.

Pull Over During Heavy Rain or Severe Thunderstorms

  • Wet roads: Rain and wet roads are more dangerous for driving than snow, sleet, and fog. Wet roads decrease tire traction, which can lead to accidents because it makes avoiding a collision by braking or maneuvering more difficult.

  • Decreased visibility: Visibility of roads can get affected during a heavy rainfall or a thunderstorm. Windshields get fogged up and there can be close to zero visibility even with wipers on their highest setting.

  • Flooding: Flooding can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles or to stall in deep puddles.

Stop and Go Traffic Cause Many Minor Collisions

The traffic to and from Brooklyn beaches can be extremely frustrating. It can take hours to get to Coney Island and even longer to get back, fraying driver’s nerves. The most traffic going to the beach is from 10-12pm and from 4-6pm going back. It’s best to avoid these times of day or to take public transportation at these popular times.

Inexperienced Drivers Cause Many Accidents

Young and inexperienced drivers that don’t own vehicles take to the road in Zip cars and other rental vehicles during the Summer, making the roads more hazardous. In addition to making sure the driver of your vehicle hasn’t been drinking, staying off the road in bad weather, and avoiding high traffic times of day, it’s also prudent to be on the lookout for experienced drivers. If you see somebody that’s not doing a good job of staying in their lane or driving waytoo fast or slow, it’s wise to steer clear. Don’t expect bad drivers to stop at stop signs, signal when changing lanes, or the otherrules of the road.

Brooklyn Personal Injury AttorneyandBrooklyn Car Accident Attorney

The best way to avoid an accident is to stay alert and follow traffic rules, but if you are injured in an accident, it’s important to choose the right lawyer to represent you. Wittenstein & Wittenstein is the best Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney. The expert legal team at Wittenstein & Wittenstein is trained and experienced to provide legal support, even during times like this, when the world is fighting a pandemic. Please reach out to our Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney at 718-261-8114 or mail us at We offer a free consultation and case review.





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