If you’re injured on a construction site, there are can be many overlapping claims that can be brought on your behalf.  If you’re working on the site, your employer should have a worker’s compensation policy in effect to cover you, and there are avenues to pursue if they don’t.  There are potentially claims under Labor Law and other laws that specifically address injured construction workers. Pedestrians and visitors to construction sites can also bring claims if they are injured as a result of negligence.  Wittenstein & Wittenstein are the most reputable NYC construction accident attorneys with sixty years of combined experience at the firm.

When Safety Laws Are Ignored

There are many laws and regulations to protect workers and the public from injuries at construction sites.  Unfortunately, construction companies do not always follow the law because compliance costs money, and they’re always trying to save a buck. In addition to the compensation that you will personally receive by making a claim for a construction accident injury, you will also be putting companies that cut corners on safety “in check,” making it less likely that others will be injured.  Federal, State and Local laws and regulations require that safety equipment be up to date and in good condition.  Construction sites may not be accessible to children who might be curious and want to sneak in and play with the equipment.  There are very specific rules about the construction of sidewalk bridges to protect workers and passers by from items that might otherwise fall on their head.  If you’ve been injured at a construction site due to failure to follow safety rules, we can help you collect the compensation you’re entitled to.

What Compensation Are You Entitled To?

If you’ve been injured while working at a construction site, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits that will cover your medical bills, lost earnings and other expenses.  You generally cannot sue your employer, but there are many exceptions you might meet that will allow you to do this, as well as potential third party claims for negligence.  When you’re a visitor, bystander or work with a third party claim, you can sue for the pain and suffering you have endured, future lost earnings and other damages.

Examples of Construction Accident Liability

  • Construction sites that are poorly maintained
  • Failing to use proper measures to avoid objects falling from heights
  • Lack of proper safety equipment causes a fall from a roof
  • A ceiling collapses due to work on the floor above
  • Ladders that are not well maintained or properly affixed

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