Do I Have The Right NYC Coronavirus Personal Injury Lawyer?

Coronavirus restrictions have shut down physical access to most attorney’s offices,  but that doesn’t have to mean your case is sitting idle in a file cabinet. It does mean it’s important to choose a firm that is prepared to handle both existing and new cases efficiently no matter how long this crisis lasts. Smart attorneys with offices that are paperless, cloud based and equipped with video conferencing technology can still handle your cases successfully. You just need to make sure your case is with a NYC Coronavirus Personal Injury Lawyer that’s up and running. Wittenstein & Wittenstein is the NYC Personal Injury Law Firm that’s been on the forefront of technology for over 60 years – trust us to take care of your case during these trying times.

The Status of the New York Legal System

All of the physical courthouses in New York are closed to the public, but there’s still action behind the scenes. Documentsyou are being e-filed, depositions, arbitrations and mediations are being held virtually with cases proceeding to trial. Trials themselves are on hold indefinitely, but a well prepared case can still lead to an excellent settlement, as insurance companies try to reduce the reserves they must hold for each pending personal injury case. At Wittenstein & Wittenstein we know that obtaining the proceeds of your personal injury case is even more important now than it was before the Coronavirus Pandemic. That’s why we’re leaving no stone unturned to get you the best settlement possible, as soon as possible. Wittenstein & Wittenstein is the NYC Coronavirus Personal Injury Lawyer that’s ready to help you right now.

No-Fault and Workers Compensation Benefits

No-fault benefits for medical payments, lost earnings and out of pocket expenses continue during the pandemic, but it’s important to have an attorney that’s following up and making sure you’re not slipping through the cracks. Some companies are able to direct deposit lost earnings checks, and others can mail them to your home. The insurance company required Independent Medical Exams (IME’s) are not being held as they are considered “non-essential” services, so benefits are likely to continue indefinitely. It’s still possible to get medical treatment for injuries, but not all physical therapy and chiropractic offices remain open. Wittenstein & Wittenstein knows how to find doctors that have the most sanitary offices and others that can serve patients virtually. Rest assured that with Wittenstein & Wittenstein you will be able to collect everything you’re entitled to.

Do I Need a NYC Coronavirus Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have a case with a personal injury firm that is paper based and tied to a physical office they are not allowed to access, your file could be sitting in a cabinet for six months to a year. Some firms are behind the times and lack the foresight and resources to handle cases during these trying times. At Wittenstein & Wittenstein we understand that your personal injury settlement is more even more important now, and we are fully functional and moving matters. Our clients are collecting their benefits and we are settling cases, conducting virtual depositions and arbitrations during the crisis. We haven’t skipped a beat. So if you’re calling and emailing your attorney and not getting an update on your case, call Wittenstein & Wittenstein, we’ll get your file from your old attorney and get it back on the fast track. We’re the NYC Coronavirus Personal Injury Lawyers you can count on.

NYC Personal Injury Attorney Offers Virtual Consultations

You don’t have to risk contracting the Coronavirus to change attorneys or start a new case with Wittenstein & Wittenstein. We can offer you a phone or Zoom Video Conferencing consultation and the papers can be e-signed and e-notarized. You never have to leave the safety of your home. We can help you find the best medical care, in person or with tele-treatment, depending on your condition. At Wittenstein & Wittenstein, we’re aggressive with the insurance companies, but caring and transparent to our clients. Call us for a free, safe, socially distanced consultation at 718-261-8114 or click here for a free consultation.



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