Looking To Hire A Queens Medical Malpractice Attorney? Important Things You Must Know!

Read This Before Hiring a Queens Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical Malpractice cases are extremely complicated and require a large investment.  This is not the type of matter that can be handled by a General Practice Law Firm, it requires the skills and resources of a specialist.  There’s no such things as small malpractice claim, there must be a clear breach of standard medical practice AND substantial damages.  You need the services of a well-established firm with the resources to invest in your case.  Sadly, some firms will sign up a Medical Malpractice case and then drop it because they realize later that they do not have the resources to invest.

Now you must be wondering how to find a great Queens Medical Malpractice Attorney?

You can ask your friends for referrals, consult sites like Avvo to see which attorneys have the experience and personality that you would feel comfortable working with.  Remember that not every NYC Personal Injury Lawyer or Queens Negligence Lawyer is a Medical Malpractice specialist.  At your consultation, you should ask the following questions:

  • How many medical malpractice cases have you handled?
  • You can ask to speak to former clients that have been satisfied with the attorney’s work
  • You should request information about fee arrangements

If you are satisfied with the attorney’s skills and reputation, you can make an appointment to meet with the attorney.  It is important to know that most Medical Malpractice Attorneys will take cases on a contingency fee basis, they will not take your case unless they believe it is strong.  You should bring any evidence you have to support your claim, such as medical reports, with you to this meeting.

What should happen after the Queens Medical Malpractice Lawyer agrees to accept your case?

The first step will be to request your medical records and have them reviewed by a doctor to see what procedures were done, so that it can be compared with the standard procedures.  Your Queens Negligence lawyer will also want to have as much information as possible about your current condition to show the aftermath of what happened to you.  Your current condition is a very important factor in the damages that can be collected.

For much of the case you will be getting treatment for the injuries caused by the Malpractice, and your NYC Personal Injury Lawyer will be conducting investigations and compiling evidence.  Medical Malpractice cases require a great deal of time, so it is necessary to be patient.  Your Queens Negligence Lawyer will tell you when you must appear to sign documents or to testify.  It is important that you stay in touch.

Queens Medical Malpractice Lawyer Wittenstein & Wittenstein have been handling Medical Malpractice cases for more than 60 years.  They will answer all your questions and address all your concerns.  You can visit their information website at wittenstein.com and call them at 718-261-8114 for a free consultation.

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