Should I Hire A NYC Grubhub Accident Lawyer?

NYC Grubhub Accident Lawyers

New York City has become the epicenter of the Covid 19 Pandemic, making going to the grocery store a terrifying prospect. The streets are quiet except for the blaring of ambulance sirens. Food delivery workers are out on the front lines, delivering breakfast, lunch, and dinner to New Yorkers sheltering at home. Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery services in New York City, and it’s no surprise that a large percentage of traffic accidents involving Grubhub deliveries is rising. Grubhub crash accidents are complicated and the laws are constantly changing. That’s why injured drivers need to hire an experienced NYC Grubhub Accident Lawyer to handle their case.

What To Do After A NYC Grubhub Delivery Accident ?

The most important thing to remember after any accident is not to panic. If you methodically follow these steps, you have the best chance of protecting both your health and your Grubhub accident lawsuit. Your health is the number one priority. First see if you are able to move your body, and then check to see if you are bleeding. If you’re moving and there’s no serious bleeding, you should get out of your vehicle to protect yourself from a potential explosion. Once you are clear of the vehicle, call 911 to report the accident to the police – don’t forget to tell them you are injured. While you’re waiting for the police, use the time to take photos of videos of the scene. Make sure to capture the positions of all the vehicles involved, as well as all the damage. Speak to everybody involved and to any witnesses that may have seen the crash or it’s aftermath. Try to get them to speak on camera and admit what they did wrong. 

The protocol for accidents requires the police to call an ambulance when somebody is injured, but due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we shouldn’t assume this is still the case. If you believe that you require immediate medical care at a hospital, it’s wise to tell the police how seriously you’re injured immediately. If you are not very seriously injured, the protocol might be for you to go home and speak with a remote doctor, who can advise you about next steps. You should know that there are many safe options for medical treatment that don’t put you at risk of catching the Covid 19 virus.

Grubhub Accident Injuries

Injuries from Grubhub accidents range from minor to catastrophic. The severity of the injuries is usually a result of the speed of the vehicles, the types of vehicles involved, and the points of impact. Traumatic injuries from Grubhub car accidents typically cause the following types of injuries:

  • Catastrophic Injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TMI), Paralysis, and Blindness;
  • Broken bones of the head, shoulders, neck, back, legs, knees, arms, hands, or fingers;
  • Torn ligaments in the shoulder, knees, ankles, neck, or back
  • Herniated and/or bulging discs of the neck or back
  • Tendonitis, sprains, or whiplash

Grubhub Does Not Provide Insurance Coverage

Grubhub delivery drivers are not employees of the company and are not covered by workers compensation insurance. In New York, Grubhub drivers using their cars must carry commercial insurance or risk having their claims denied if they’re in an accident. If you’re delivering for Grubhub with a bicycle, and you’re hit by a motor vehicle, that car’s coverage will apply to your accident, the same way it would if you were a pedestrian. Insurance issues for gig workers such as delivery drivers are constantly changing. That’s why it’s important to hire a Grubhub Accident Attorney if you have an accident.

Obtaining Compensation for Your Grubhub Crash

Grubhub delivery drivers that are injured in a collision with other vehicles can make a claim for compensation for pain, suffering, emotional trauma, lost earnings, and other claims. An experienced Grubhub accident attorney is usually able to settle these claims for compensation without a trial, but preparing the case properly is still key to its success. Depending on the severity of the injuries claims can be settled for thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars without even going to trial. 

Valuing Your Grubhub Lawsuit

The value of your settlement depends on many factors. The cost of your medical care is the first thing the insurance company looks at when evaluating your case. If all you did is go to the emergency room to be cleared or go for one visit to your primary care doctor, your case is going to be worth little to nothing. This is true because New York does not allow personal injury lawsuits for car accidents when a person is not “seriously injured.” If you had multiple fractures, required surgery, spent time in rehab, and had to change professions, your case will be worth a great deal of money. That said, it’s usually not possible to precisely value a case until enough time goes by to see how well the injuries resolve.

Grubhub Crash Statute of Limitations

Every state sets a time limit, called Statutes of Limitation, for filing lawsuits and prosecuting criminal actions. In New York a personal injury claim must be filed within three years of the injury and it’s only two years for wrongful death claims. It’s also important to remember that there’s a time limit of 90 days to file a notice of claim against a state, city, or local entity in New York. There are some exceptions to these rules, and the Statutes of Limitation are currently lifted indefinitely due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. It’s important to speak to an experienced Grubhub Accident Attorney to discuss how the limits apply in your case. 

Filing a Grubhub Accident Report

It’s important to file the proper reports after a crash that occurs while delivering for Grubhub. It’s a good rule of thumb to never leave the scene of an accident without filing a report with the police. If you’ve already left the scene without filing a report, you should go to the precinct closest to where the accident happened and file a report. Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, the police may not allow you to come to the station in person, and may direct you to file a report online or over the phone. These procedures are constantly changing – that’s why it’s important not to put off speaking to a Grubhub accident lawyer.

Contact Our Grubhub Accident Attorneys Today

Grubhub accidents lawsuits are complicated because they are based on laws and regulations that are constantly changing. Insurance coverage is multi-lawyered, often involving workers’ compensation, the driver’s own insurance policy, and Grubhub excess coverage. Meanwhile, you’re suffering from pain and losing income due to your Grubhub crash and the Covid 19 Pandemic is causing additional confusion. This is not the time to hire a personal injury generalist. Injured Grubhub drivers need an experienced and dedicated Grubhub Accident Attorney that can help them obtain the compensation they deserve.


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