Benefits of hiring Established Forest Hills Personal Injury Lawyers – practicing in your area for 60 years


It is really essential to have a good connection with your lawyer. A good connection comes with trust and this trust will allow you to stay calm while the lawyer represents your case in an effective way in court. Especially when it is the case of personal injury, you need to be very frank with your lawyer and should tell every detail without any hesitation.

Facing a serious injury due to an unexpected accident can be really stressful. To get the right compensation amount for the personal loss and injury, you may have to deal with insurance companies. Dealing with a legal and bureaucratic process in a right way brings you the right compensation for your loss. This helps you to get back to the normal life much faster.

A local Forest Hills Personal Injury Lawyer can be of great help. Have a look at how they can be beneficial:

  • A local lawyer can communicate effectively
  • He/she can easily understand your circumstances
  • Law Guidelines can be different based on areas of practice
  • Local resources are well-known to them
  • Allows you to understand the overall situation in a better way


Always prefer a lawyer with rich relevant experience because this will always mean that your case is handled in a better way. They can handle your personal injury cases due to a car accident, medical malpractice, slip, and fall, etc. Due to awareness of local rules and regulations, they can finesse the system and can resolve the case sooner and with greater compensation.

Wittenstein & Wittenstein is a reputed law firm that is resolving personal injury cases due to medical malpractice, negligence cases like a dog bite, food poisoning, slip, and fall, etc. This firm is famous for having one of the most trusted lawyers when it comes to Negligence Lawyer Queens as well as Forest Hills Personal Injury Lawyers. She makes every client very comfortable so that they can share their difficulties without any hesitation.

She is practicing in Queens, Forest Hills, and nearby areas for many years and knows all the laws. Effective and frequent communication is essential for the best outcome of the case and a local lawyer can do it in the best way. Nothing can be better than hiring our services when you are in search of Negligence Lawyer Queens or looking for expert Accident attorney or any other related service.

Make sure to give your lawyer the access to evidence and documentation related to the accident like pictures, medical bills, etc. that will help your lawyer build your case stronger.

Call us or visit our office in Forest Hills for detailed discussion over coffee on how we can help you in Personal injury cases.  We also offer free parking to our clients.

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