Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Low Impact Collisions

Don’t believe the insurance companies when they say that it’s impossible to sustain serious injuries in a low impact collision. The reality is that traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be sustained any time there is force to the head. Brain trauma occurs in car accidents when the head is either propelled into the steering wheel, windshield or other hard objects in the vehicle. When a car is struck, sometimes the brain itself continues to move, causing it to collide with the hard bones of the skull. That’s whyan experienced Queens Brain Injuries Attorney will always recommend a trip to the emergency room after any head injury.

A Slight Headache Can Be a Symptom of TBI

If you’ve hit your head in an accident, even the slightest of headaches could be a sign that you’ve sustained bruising of the brain or a brain haemorrhage. The brain does not contain nerves so these types of TBI’s can often have the subtlest of symptoms. Don’t be fooled by the fact that there’s no open wound because when a moving head makes contact with a still object like a steering wheels, the part of the brain on the opposite side can be dislodged from the skull, causing a serious TBI. According to the National Institute of Health serious TBI can be sustained in a bumper hit of only 5 mph.

What Action Should TBI Car Accident Victims Take?

The most important thing to remember is to go to the emergency room as quickly as possible. Don’t worry about your car being towed to some out of the way shop. Get somebody to pick up your kids or contact your employer. There’s nothing more important than protecting your health. After you receive medical attention, call an experienced personal injury attorney in Forest Hills that is familiar with handling Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) cases. Some inexperienced Queens brain injuries attorneys will turn away cases with low impact collisions and minimal property damage, so it’s important to call an attorney that really knows what they’re doing. At Wittenstein & Wittenstein we’ve been successfully handling all types of brain injury cases for over sixty years, so you can depend on us to handle your case properly.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)


This common type of TBI is usually caused by a blow to the head that jolts the brain, causing it to accelerate towards the force. This shaking of the brain can cause damage that is mild or severe. When a concussion is suspected, it is recommended that the person not be allowed to fall asleep until it is clear that the damage is minor. Concussions can cause problems such as permanent changes in behavior and mood.

Brain Contusion

Brain contusions are bruises that cause bleeding under the skin. They are often found in victims that have also sustained a concussion. In most cases the bleeding will stop on it’s own, but sometimes surgery is required depending on the size of the bleed, how long it bleeds and the location.


This type of TBI is caused by a severe impact to the head that causes the brain to move to the side of the head opposite the impact. This type of injury is usually caused by higher impact collisions, but can sometimes occur from a low impact accident. Coup-contrecoup TBI’s must be diagnosed at a trauma hospital and treated immediately.

Second Impact Syndrome

A person that has already sustained a concussion, brain contusion or coup-contrecoup injury is more susceptible to sustaining a serious injury from an additional blow to the head. Even a very slight impact can cause serious damage even if the victim does not lose consciousness. An experienced Queens Brain Injuries Attorney will know how to prove your case even if the injury was caused by a low impact car accident.

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