Can You Make a Personal Injury Case During A Pandemic?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t be afraid to call a personal injury lawyer in NYC to see if you have a case. Modern law firms like Wittenstein & Wittenstein know exactly how to help you assert your rights without any risk to your safety. Consultations can be done on the phone or with Zoom, papers can be virtually notarized, conditions can be diagnosed remotely with tele-medicine and treated with tele-therapy. If you think you have a case, just pick up the phone and call Wittenstein & Wittenstein, the leading Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney.

High Tech Personal Injury Attorney In NYC Can Help You Collect Money

Even though a large percentage of the population is sheltering at home, accidents are still happening. There are still people out there on the front lines working in banks, supermarkets, drug stores and other essential services – plus there are health care workers and people delivering things to our homes. Many others have no jobs and must rely on unemployment insurance in these difficult times. Now is not the time to say “why bother” when it’s possible to collect compensation from somebody that’s done you harm. It’s at least worth it to call an experienced personal injury attorney in NYC to see if it’s possible to make a case.

What Types of Personal Injury Cases Are Likely To Occur During A Pandemic?

You can still make a claim for a car accident, slip and fall and other basic types of claims during the pandemic. An experienced high tech personal injury lawyer in NYC like Wittenstein & Wittenstein can certainly help you with that. There are high tech remote ways to interview witnesses, conduct depositions, prepare expert witnesses and so much else. There’s no reason to forfeit the money you’re entitled to in compensation due to the pandemic. Collecting the money you deserve is probably more important now than usual – not the time to not bother!

Can I Sue For Being Infected With Covid 19?

There are also specific types of cases that are arising due to the pandemic itself. If you’ve been infected with Covid 19 due to the negligence or recklessness of a public accommodation, you should speak to a Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan or Brooklyn personal injury lawyer about making a claim for the pain and suffering you’ve endured. If somebody in your family has died as a result of negligence or reckless infection with Covid 19, you may be able to collect compensation. For example, if a business remained open even though there was a known infection on the premises, they can be held liable for infections to customers.



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