How To Find The Best NYC Construction Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been seriously injured in a construction accident, your family’s future depends on collecting as much compensation as possible to mitigate the cost of medical care and as reimbursement for lost past and future earnings. It may not be possible to know yet whether you’ll ever be 100% recovered from your injuries, so it’s wise to take steps immediately to investigate your legal rights. The best way to find out what you’re entitled to for your construction accident case is to speak to the best NYC construction accident lawyer that knows how to maximize the value of your case.

What To Ask A NYC Construction Accident Lawyer

Most car and truck lawyers in NYC know that as a general rule construction workers injured on the job are limited to receiving workers compensation benefits as an exclusive remedy because they cannot sue their employers. They often are unaware of the special laws and regulations that apply to construction accidents because it’s not their speciality. You can lose out when they don’t know how to look at the various exceptions to worker’s compensation, labor law and claims against third parties that could provide a much more lucrative compensation package than just workers compensation. The best NYC construction accident lawyers will ask you detailed questions to determine if there’s somebody to sue.

When Can You Sue Your Employer?

If your employer fails to provide proper safety equipment and, as a result, you’re injured due to falling from a height or something falls on you from a height, you may meet an exception under labor law that will allow you to sue your employer. Victims that suffer grave injuries due to their employer’s negligence can sue their employer for compensation. Another way around worker’s compensation as the exclusive remedy are employers that fail to cover their workers. An experienced NYC construction accident lawyer will be aware of these ways to sue your employer and will know how to prosecute these claims when they apply.

What’s A Third Party?

The most common way to collect additional compensation after workers compensation for a construction accident is suing a third party. A third party is somebody that’s not your employer that’s responsible for your accident. For example, you’re injured by a negligent driver that lost control of their vehicle and hit you while you were working. Another example is if you were injured due to a negligently manufactured forklift, you can make a claim against the manufacturer of the equipment. When suing third parties, it’s not always clear what type of lawyer to hire. For example, if you’re hit by a truck while working on a construction site, it might be best to hire a truck accident lawyer in NYC that specializes in this type of case.

NYC Construction Accident Lawyer | Truck Accident Lawyer in NYC

It’s important to choose the right type of lawyer and the right firm to handle your case. Stay away from fly by night newly formed firms that might go out of business during the pendency of your case. Wittenstein & Wittenstein has been helping injured people collect the full amount of compensation they’re entitled to for over sixty. Call 718-261-8114 for a free consultation.

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