How To Get Your Business Off To A Great Start

If you’re planning to start a business, hiring an experienced Queens business attorney is the best way to ensure its long term success. The adrenaline is pumping for startups at their outset, but companies that are not properly poised for growth don’t tend to stay in business very long. That’s why it’s so important to form the right business entity, carefully outline what’s expected from all the people involved and take steps to make the business attractive to investors. Hiring a Queens business lawyer doesn’t have to break the bank. Wittenstein & Wittenstein offers flat rates and packages for most of our services, so you’re not paying hundreds of dollars for a short phone call. We offer a free consultation for startups. Call 718-261-8114 to find out how we can help you.

Choosing the Right Entity

If you start selling products without forming a legal entity, your business will be treated as a sole proprietorship or partnership by default. This means that you will be personally liable for the debts of the business and legally responsible for claims against the business for defamation, intellectual property infringement and negligence. That’s why it’s worthwhile to consider forming a corporation or limited liability company that will help product your personal assets by limiting liability to the business itself. Limited liability companies are more flexible than corporations while providing protection from debts and lawsuits, but corporations provide mechanisms that make them more attractive for investors. The best way to determine what entity is the best choice is to speak to an experienced Queens business lawyer. Call Wittenstein & Wittenstein 718-261-8114 for a free consultation.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

The biggest mistake you can make is to start marketing your product or service without a strategy to protect your intellectual property. If you’re marketing an invention, you’ll need to consider your timetable and budget for utility patent protection. Failure to properly secure a patent could mean that our competitors can prevent you from marketing your own product and sue you for patent infringement if they obtained it before you. In addition to protecting your actual product, it’s important to secure the rights to your branding through copyrights, trademarks and, in some cases, design patents. An experienced NYC business attorney for startups can help you develop a cost-effective plan to protect your intellectual property.

Taxation and Compliance

As your company grows, it’s important to ensure that the entity you’ve chosen initially should be changed to improve options for financing and tax treatment. It’s also important to ensure that all matters concerning employment are in compliance with local, state and federal laws such as wage and hour, workers compensation and disability insurance compliance. It’s also wise to put in place a policy to prevent sexual harassment and other types of discrimination claims. Call Wittenstein & Wittenstein for a free consultation at 718-261-8114.

Queens Business Lawyer

Wittenstein & Wittenstein is the top Queens business lawyer for startups because we provide helpful service without breaking the bank. Call 718-261-8114 for a free consultation.

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