Should You Hire A Construction Accident Attorney?

If you’ve been seriously injured on a construction site, you need an attorney that is familiar with this type of complex litigation.  If you are injured while working on a construction site, you may be told that you are limited to collecting workers compensation benefits.  In most cases this is true, but it is worthwhile to investigate whether or not you meet exceptions to workers’ compensation or eligible to collect under Labor Law.  A thorough investigation by an experienced NYC Construction Accident Attorney could also reveal third-parties that can be sued for compensation.

A Brooklyn personal injury attorney that specializes in construction accidents can assist you with every aspect of your construction accident case.  If you were a pedestrian that was injured as a result of negligence on or surrounding a construction site, you can sue the construction company and its subcontractors for your injuries.  There are strict rules about permits and how dangerous construction equipment must be stored and used.  When construction companies violate these rules, they are liable for the consequences.

If you’ve been injured on a construction site, whether you are worker or a visitor, it’s a good idea to contact an experienced NYC construction accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident happens.  There may be a video of the accident, as the sooner the owner of the video is contacted, the more likely it can be recovered and not routinely erased.  There may be skid marks or other evidence that will be destroyed in the ordinary course of business just by waiting.  Memories fade – there is absolutely nothing to be gained by waiting to get legal advice.

Sometimes people wait because they are not sure if their injuries are serious enough to merit making a case.  Any experienced Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island or Brooklyn personal injury attorney can advise you about whether your injuries are serious enough to merit a case, as well as whether there is negligence at play that is actionable.  This gives you closure even if it turns out that you do not have a case worth bringing.

Before hiring a NYC construction accident attorney, it’s important to ask about their track record handling cases like yours and the outcomes they’ve achieved both with settlements and verdicts.  Once you choose your attorney, it is important to come to the first appointment with as much evidence as possible to make your claim stronger.  For example, you should try to bring the following items to your attorney:

  • Medical Reports
  • Accident or Police Reports
  • Your Health Insurance Card
  • Photos of the scene
  • Videos of the Scene

Wittenstein & Wittenstein has been handling construction accident cases for workers and visitors for generations.  Trust our expertise!  Call 718-261-8114 for a free consultation.


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