Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Truck Accidents

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, most truck accidents fatalities are to persons in passenger vehicles in collisions with 18-wheelers, big rigs, tractor trailers and other large commercial vehicles.  Despite increasing safety regulations, truck accidents have increased substantially since the 1990’s.  This could be due to downturns in the economy that are causing drivers to work longer hours or from recent legislation that rolls back safety legislation.

Why You Might Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in NYC

It’s also not surprising that truck accidents are the leading cause of catastrophic injuries or fatalities from vehicle accidents.  These cases are often multi-faceted, including worker’s compensation, interstate or international litigants and large amounts of insurance coverage.  That’s why, if you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you need a truck accident lawyer in NYC that has experience with these often complicated cases.

How Do Truck Accidents Happen?

Most truck accidents are caused by errors by the driver of the passenger vehicle, not the truck driver!  Another leading cause of truck accidents is poor maintenance of the trucks.  Large commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers and tractor trailers are very expensive, so companies are loathe to replace them even if they are past peak.  Another way that companies cut corners is by failing to properly employee maintenance crews to inspect and repair the fleet.  Failure to reduce speed in inclement weather causes many truck accidents, as drivers are usually paid by the haul, so reducing speed reduces their bottom line.  Other causes include improper cargo loading and defective equipment.

Typical Injuries From Truck Accidents

Fatal or catastrophic truck accidents are all too common.  Traumatic Brain Injuries (TMI) occur when there is a serious impact to a person’s head.  Full recovery can occur, but extensive lengthy treatment is often required.  Expenses add up as there is usually a great deal of lost time from work for such a severe injury.  In such cases, the entire family will benefit from being represented by the best accident attorneys in Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan or Long Island.

What Type of Evidence Is Common for a Truck Accident?

The twenty-first century has changed the nature of evidence for many types of legal actions.  It is common for people to take many pictures and videos of an accident, and an experienced car accident attorney will make sure that they are all accounted for.  It is also important to find out if there were any surveillance cameras that may have captured an accident of incident.  Police officers often wear cameras when they come to the scene, and in some cases those cameras could have relevant evidence.  Skid marks can also tell a tale about how a truck accident occurred.  The main piece of evidence in any traffic accident is usually the police report, but if it’s not in your favor or the police did not witness the accident, there are other ways to prove fault.  In some cases it is necessary to hire an accident reconstruction expert to explain, based on physics and engineering, how the accident most likely happened.

When Should I Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer?

You should call as soon as possible after the accident.  Starting a case as soon as possible helps to preserve evidence and to create a consistent case plan.  When you hire an experienced truck accident attorney in NYC, they will guide you through the process so that there is as little impact as possible on your financial situation, so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.  The sooner you file for lost earnings, the sooner you will collect them.  There is no good reason to wait.

Wittenstein & Wittenstein has experienced truck accident attorneys who have handled numerous truck accident cases throughout the five boroughs and Long Island.  They are known as the best accident attorneys in Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, Manhattan, The Bronx and Brooklyn.  They take every step to preserve the essential documents related to the accident and help victims obtain the highest possible amount of compensation.  For over six decades, Wittenstein & Wittenstein has achieved results that have pleased clients.  That’s why they recommend their friends and family.  If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, call 718-261-8114 for a free consultation.

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