How Do My Medical Bills Get Paid If I am Hit by a Car?

New York City No-Fault Lawyers know how to get your bills paid when you are hit by a car.   If you have insurance information for the car that hit you, your medical bills will usually be paid by the insurance company for that vehicle under their "no-fault" coverage. 

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What Should I Do If I Have a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle Accidents are complex.  Insurance coverage for bicyclists is tricky.  Your no-fault benefits should be paid by the car that hit you.  If that vehicle was uninsured, and you have a “car in your household,” the no-fault benefits will be paid by your insurance company (who is not allowed to raise your rates due to this type of claim.)  If there is no insurance at all, there is […]

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Can I Sue My Boss For Asking Me Out on a Date?

Can I sue my boss for asking me out on a date? Maybe! Is he does it repeatedly and doesn't take no for answer. If your work conditions change after you've turned him down - if you are passed over for promotions or overtime. If you believe you are a victim of sexual harassment, call Wittenstein & Wittenstein for a free consultation at 718-261-8114

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What is No-Fault Insurance?

No-Fault Insurance is the commonly used term for NY's mandatory coverage for traffic accidents that covers medical bills, lost earning and out-pocket-expenses. They are filing deadlines and other requirements that must be met. If you've had a traffic accident, call Wittenstein & Wittenstein for a FREE CONSULTATION - NO WIN, NO FEE - we'll take care of everything for you so you can concentrate on your health. Call 718-261-8114 for an appointment.

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What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

If you are wondering “what should I do after a car accident,?” here are some simple steps:Check the medical condition for yourself and all occupants of the vehicle. Call 911. Use your phone to take a photo of the other driver’s identification, insurance information and phone number. Get the names and numbers for witnesses, if any. Take pictures of the scene and both vehicles. Take the ambulance to the hospital with all occupants. Call Wittenstein & Wittenstein at 718-261-8114.  It’s a good idea to keep your lawyer’s card in your wallet in case you have an accident.

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How Long Will My Accident Case Take?

How long will my case take to settle? Request a FREE CONSULTATION, and we will explain all the factors in your particular case that contribute to how long it will take. Simple cases with small injuries can sometimes be settled quickly, whereas more complicated matters with more serious injuries can require years of litigation. A quick settlement is not always the best settlement. It's worth it to have patience and put in the work necessary to get the highest amount of compensation.

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Are Women Attorneys Better for Personal Injury Cases?

are women lawyers better for personal injury cases


If you are wondering, “Are women attorneys better for personal injury cases,?” the answer is yes.  Most women (and men) feel more comfortable discussing their injuries and health concerns with women, who tend to listen more carefully and be more empathetic.  […]

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What is an Accident Attorney?


what is an accident lawyer

If you are wondering “What is an accident attorney,?” the answer is not so simple as there are many titles used for lawyers handling accident cases.  An accident attorney is a type of personal injury lawyer, representing people that claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, from the negligence or fault […]

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Can I Sue In New York If I’m Not a Citizen?

Wittenstein & Wittenstein can represent you even if you are not a citizen. Non-citizens in The United States have the same rights as citizens to sue for negligence in the courts. There is no reporting requirement for attorneys or insurance companies for immigration status. So don't be afraid to assert your rights because of your immigration status, call Wittenstein & Wittenstein for a free consultation if you've been a victim of any type of negligence. Call 718-261-8114.

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What Is Negligence?

If you are wondering, "What is Negligence,?" you should know that it is when somebody caused harm accidentally, by not being careful enough, not taking proper precautions or by breaking rules and regulations.   If you are a victim of negligence in New York City (Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn) Nassau County, Long Island or Westchester, you need experienced personal injury attorneys to bring a claim on your behalf. Call Wittenstein and Wittenstein, Esqs., a firm serving the community for more than 60 years, to help you assert your rights. Call 718-261-8114 for an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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What Are The Time Limits for Filing a Lawsuit in New York?

If you are wondering about the time limits for filing a lawsuit in New York, the best thing to do is immediately consult an attorney. Some time limits are very short, and waiting can jeopardize your claim. If you are injured in a Hit and Run accident in New York, it must be reported to the police within 24 hours! For more information, please call Wittenstein & Wittenstein, we've been handling personal injury cases for more than 60 years. Call us at 718-261-8114 for a free consultation.

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What Should I Do If My Child is Injured?

If you are wondering, "What should I do if my child is injured," the first thing is to figure out what insurance applies so that they can get medical care. Then it is worth investigating whether somebody's carelessness caused the injury. There are specific types of claims specific to children, where adults should have to take extra care. For more information, please call 718-261-8114 for a free consultation.

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What are Contingency Fees?

If you are wondering "What are Contingency Fees", you should know that they are an arrangement with an attorney so that you don't have to pay any money upfront. The attorney invests time and resources in your case and gets paid when you accept a settlement or a verdict is rendered. This is why an attorney must make a decision about accepting your case based on the strength of the claim. For more information, call Wittenstein & Wittenstein 718-261-8114.

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Do I Need to Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you are asking "Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney," you should know that there are many factors to consider, such as the severity of the injuries, whether or not there is a dispute over liability and how much insurance coverage is available. You can call Wittenstein & Wittenstein for a free, no-obligation consultation to help you decide. Please call 718-261-8114 to make an appointment.

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Should I File a Lawsuit?

If you are asking "Should I File a Lawsuit" in NY, there are many factors to consider. Litigation is lengthy and expensive, so you must consider whether your case is strong enough. There will be work to do for both yourself and your attorney. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, call Wittenstein & Wittenstein for a free consultation at 718-261-8114.

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Do I Have a Case?

Queens NYC Personal Injury Attorney explains how to know if you should make a case for a particular set of facts. There are many factors in the decision and the best thing to do is to speak to a Personal Injury Attorney for advice.

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How Do I Get My Medical Bills Paid?

Top Queens NYC Personal Injury Attorney explains how medical bills get paid for different types of accidents, including traffic accidents and accidents on the job. The best way to find out for sure is to speak to an attorney who can apply the law to the specific facts of your situation. Call Wittenstein & Wittenstein for a FREE CONSULTATION at 718-261-8114.

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